nine great standalone books by women that you should read :)

Hi friends! I’m here today to highlight some fantastic standalone books by women authors you should read! I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to write this in time for International Women’s Day, but luckily, March is a whole month where we can celebrate women specifically! Although we should be doing that all year! Let’s do this!

for thriller/mystery lovers…

And Then There Were None is a fantastic classic mystery that will keep you guessing at every turn. It’s the book that spawned the famous game/movie Clue. Agatha Christie is also apparently the best-selling fiction writer ever! With the most translated books! So heck yeah queen.

Sadie is a heart-wrenching YA thriller that follows a girl named, well, Sadie who is looking for her sister Maddie. It’s written in the vein of podcasts and thriller fiction. Courtney Summers does such a great job of keeping you on the edge of your seat and putting your emotions through the wire. Please look up trigger warnings for this one especially!

If We Were Villains is…one of my favorite books of ever in case you didn’t already know. It’s full of Shakespearean references, and has an impeccable dark academia atmosphere about it. You follow Oliver as he’s released from prison, and a detective questions him as Oliver relives his past and what led to murder. I am EAGERLY awaiting M.L. Rio’s next book!

for contemporary lovers…

Summer Bird Blue is a heartbreaking tale of music and loss, love and grief. It takes place in Hawaii, following a girl who goes there to live with her aunt after her sister dies in a car crash. Akemi Dawn Bowman has such a lyrical, gorgeous writing style (and book covers!). Please check triggers for this as well!

The Boy Who Steals Houses is adorable, hilarious, and emotional. C.G. Drews is talented in so many ways, and this really shines through in this book. This is about a boy named Sam and his autistic brother Avery, who are thieves of houses. At least, until they meet a girl named Moxie. I believe that this is also OwnVoices for the autistic rep as well!

With The Fire On High is a treasure. It follows a teenage girl who’s half Latinx, half African-American (and I believe that this is also OwnVoices) who’s balancing her love of cooking with raising her daughter. The themes of family, friends, and food were just so powerful. This is truly just a feel-good novel.

for fantasy lovers…(like me)

Heartless is a YA fairy-tale retelling of Alice in Wonderland. I adore Marissa Meyer’s books with all my heart, and this one is just a great standalone. Or maybe I love Alice in Wonderland too much.

The Night Circus is gorgeous. Atmospheric. Magical. It’s got some romance, some magic, and it takes place in a modern setting. Erin Morgenstern truly has some of the most beautiful writing I’ve ever read.

Down Comes The Night is a new release that is equal parts gothic and romantic. It follows a girl named Wren who’s a healer and gets stranded at a manor because of a snowstorm. With her worst enemy. I’m so impressed with Allison Saft’s debut, and I can’t wait to see what she does next!

So that’s it! There are so many more I could have mentioned, such as House of Salt and Sorrows, Mexican Gothic, and Pride and Prejudice. Please leave your favorite books by women authors below!

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23 thoughts on “nine great standalone books by women that you should read :)

  1. And Then There Were None and If We Were Villains are AMAZING!! I love those books so much. The Boy Who Steals Houses has been on my tbr for so long, I really need to read it.

    A standalone novel that I love which is written by a woman is The Kingdom of Back by Marie Lu! She’s one of my favourite authors and I love every single one of her books, but she tends to write more series than standalones.

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