Yona of the Dawn Volumes 5 and 6 Mini-Reviews!

Hi friends! Good news: I finally went to the library again and was able to check out manga! Which means I was able to continue on with Yona of the Dawn and boy, do I have thoughts. If you’re curious to what this series is about, feel free to read my review of the first volume here or read my brief summary below.

Basically, a princess (a rather spoiled one if I do say so myself) reunites with her cousin who’s she had a crush on for forever (yes I do in fact think that that’s more than a little weird) and she wants to confess her feelings but her father doesn’t want her to marry him. Little does she know, that this is only the calm before the storm. When a tragic event takes place and she must flee the palace, Yona must decide whether or not to take back her kingdom!

Yona of the Dawn Volume 5 is currently my first and only 5-star read of the year. Not much happens, but I still just sank back into this world and characters with such a sense of comfort? It felt so good to be immersed in the gorgeous artwork. Because I’ve been watching a little bit of anime, it honestly made the manga come to life in my head even more!

On that note, we get to meet the Green Dragon and oh my gosh do I love him. He’s absolutely hilarious and really rather pretty. We get to understand more of the shy Blue Dragon as well! Overall, while this was slow plot-wise, the characters shone so brightly in this volume that I couldn’t help falling in love with it. We also got a lot of Hak so y’know.

Yona of the Dawn Volume 6 was also incredible! Trigger warning for moderate depictions of trafficking though. Again: the artwork is just stunning. Some highlights*:

please don’t ask me why i suddenly started typing in small. i didn’t notice until halfway through, so i’m sorry. this is how i normally text lol.
  • we’re hanging around pirates now y’all! the conversations between the pirates and Yona’s crew had me rolling. The humor really is impeccable.
  • jaeha (the green dragon) is a surprisingly complex character. he doesn’t want to join Yona just on account of him having dragon blood, and he has an interesting dynamic with Hak.
  • there was actually some plot tension in this book?! villains and pirates and cliffs and an unresolved cliffhanger took this series to a place where it really hasn’t gone to before.
  • finally: we get a strong female character in the pirate captain!! she’s wise and clever and strong, and her conversation with Yona was really emotional.

Honestly, the only reason this isn’t 5 stars is that Yona annoyed me just a bit when she was talking to Jaeha. I also didn’t get the full 5 star feel. But this is still a solid 4.5 stars!

So that’s it! Share your thoughts on this manga, or your favorite manga (because more recs are always and forever welcome!) below.

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11 thoughts on “Yona of the Dawn Volumes 5 and 6 Mini-Reviews!

  1. Wait so is the whole series about her trying to figure out if she wants her kingdom back. Cause if the whole(whatever amount of volumes) is about that…

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  2. Hi! guess this is kinda late to comment on, but, I started reading the Yona of Dawn series and loved it! I was going to tell you a while ago but kinda forgot.

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