Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Series I Haven’t Finished Yet! // ft. me being #exposed

Hi friends! I’m here for a Top 5 Tuesday about the series I haven’t finished yet…which means I’ll have many, many choices. Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads!

I’ve made it no secret that I’m not the biggest fan of Truly Devious. Not only was it slow, but the focus was on the main character’s stupid romance instead of the mystery!! I’m here for murder, not kissing*! But the mystery really is just so intriguing, that I do want to continue on. Plus, you know, dark academia boarding school vibes are the best.

*anyone who knows me knows that’s not technically true but you get the point

I did actually finish the original trilogy and was super hyped for the fourth book!!! And then…I never read it. Now the second trilogy is finished and I’m just sitting here, reflecting on my years of failures. But it will be done soon*! Hopefully!

*by soon, i mean hopefully i’ll reread the og trilogy within two years and start the second within five years. not even kidding, that is the timeframe we’re looking at

THE CHAOS WALKING MOVIE WITH TOM HOLLAND AND DAISY RIDLEY COMES OUT SOON AND I’M NOT READY. I read The Knife of Never Letting Go a few years ago, and I do own the second book. I just have never continued on??? But now I gotta, because movie.

It was a tie between this series and the Scythe one, but I feel like I just mentioned Scythe rather recently*. Anyways, Brandon Sanderson’s whole Cosmere thing is just out there existing and I’ve only read the original Mistborn trilogy. One day, I’ll stop losing steam at three books and read a fourth.

*not that that’s stopped me before. hellooooo, shadowhunter trash over here.

Would anyone here yeet me off a cliff if I uh…reread…this entire series just so I could finally read the fifth book? I’ve had The Empty Grave for three years and just refuse to read it for absolutely no reason. This is an unforgivable offense on my part that needs to be rectified posthaste*!

*i hope this means what i think it means

So that’s it! Tell me a series that you need to finish!!

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22 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Series I Haven’t Finished Yet! // ft. me being #exposed

  1. Haha I started the first book in The School For Good and Evil and didn’t get more than maybe 50 pages in 😅 I don’t know what it was about it, it just felt so forced and it was trying so hard it just missed the mark. Maybe it was just me, I don’t know 🥲 Honestly 2-5 years is an extremely reasonable time frame 😬🤣


  2. I was trying to read the Knives of Letting go for a while, but It felt like such a slow book, that I just gave up☹️. I didn’t really like the book much, but I guess because I didn’t even read the full book, I can’t judge. Also is The School for Good and Evil a good book?

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    1. That’s totally understandable!! I honestly only three-starred the book haha. And I personally really enjoyed The School For Good and Evil! It’s a middle-grade series, so it’s not too dark but I loved the twist on fairytales💜


  3. I need to try and read Chaos Walking before the movie too!! I’m so fed up of seeing the adaptations first lately. Although I did finally read one of the authors books last year and it left me kind of conflicted. Ah I need to read School For Good & Evil too. I think the main series that I need to finish – besides Lady Midnight & Throne Of Glass – is the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I read the first 9 then never got around to the final 3. Although I have no clue why.

    Good luck catching up with all of these. I hope you love them. Especially the one that you’ve been putting off for years.

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      1. His 2020 release Burn. It was interesting and went in a completely unexpected direction but I didn’t really connect with any of the characters. Tbh my favourite ones were the adults which is odd for a YA book. Ah well that’s still more than me!! Plus two of the most popular ones probably. Thank you 💗

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      2. Thanks, it was a shame, especially as it was my first time reading a book by the author. I guess maybe try borrowing it from the library or something at some point? That’s what I tend to do with books I’m curious about but also not entirely sure about.

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