Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Books I Meant To Read In 2020! // ft. serious regret over here

Hi friends! I’m here today to talk about 5 books I uh…meant to read last year. But between COVID and my moody self, I didn’t get to them. But hopefully I will this year! Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads.

I MEANT TO READ THIS. I mean, an atmospheric wintery fairy-tale??? I’m surprised I haven’t already read it five times. But no, every time I looked for the audiobook, it was either checked out for at least a month or I wasn’t in the mood to read it and appreciate it properly. Literally no in-between.

Every year, I tell myself: “this is the year you’ll finally finish the Lockwood and Co series”. And every year, I lie to myself. Don’t be like me.

I wanted to read David Yoon’s debut so bad and then I just…didn’t??? There are no excuses for this particular failure of mine. I really need to get to this one.

I figured if I wasn’t going to read Way of Kings, I’d at least read a standalone like Warbreaker. I just wanted to read one, single Sanderson book to at least advance my way in the Cosmere. But nope! I allowed myself to be intimidated and look where we are today! Gotta fix that ASAP. Also, why are the UK covers so much prettier than the American ones-

I have put this book on my TBR countless times and every time I sorta ignore it. It’s 600 pages long and recently, unless it’s a Shadowhunter book, my brain does not like to comprehend ever reading that amount. THAT MUST CHANGE IN 2021.

So that’s it! PLEASE MAKE ME READ THESE. Or at least, tell me a book you meant to read in 2020!

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21 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Books I Meant To Read In 2020! // ft. serious regret over here

    1. “Every year, I lie to myself.” Literally me with like five hundred different series. You can just @ me next time 😂 I HAVE read Bear and Nightingale but I’ve been telling myself I’ll get to the sequel when it’s winter for 2 years now. And it just doesn’t feel right reading them during the summer!

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  1. Me: Oh I have to read this book, I’ll get it next week at the library!
    *Next Week*
    Me: I don’t feel like getting off the couch, I just wanna watch Tv. I’ll get the book Next Week
    *The Week after*
    Me: I feel like I’m forgetting something

    This is how my life is lol

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