January 2021 Wrap-Up!!

Hi friends! I just…wow. What a month. I can’t believe we’re a whole month into 2021 already! But um, I should probably just talk about my meager stack of books I read this month. It is very tiny.


A Sky Beyond The Storm by Sabaa Tahir | This was a fantastic finale to one of my all-time favorite series! I cried a lot. Elias, Laia, and Helene will forever be one of my favorite casts of characters.

Jon Benet: Inside The Ramsey Murder Investigation | I actually read a non-fiction book???? Who am I??? But in all seriousness, the case of Jon Benet from the perspective of an actual cop on the case just made me so frustrated. While the author clearly is biased towards the fact that the Ramseys did it (which is also where I lean), what really hurts is that so much of the DA’s office and police department and Ramsey lawyers literally allowed politics and secret motives to obstruct justice. Whether the Ramseys did it or not, this book showed how utterly corrupt the investigation was from the very beginning. I’m still not sure if I should write a review on it or not haha.


I began three different television shows in January: an anime, an American comedy, and a k-drama. If that doesn’t tell you about how bad my mood watching is, nothing will. I’m not very far into any of them, but I’m liking them all so far*!

*the anime is demon slayer and the k-drama is descendants of the sun. just realized they’re in totally different languages LOL

music/video games

I categorized these two together because I’ve been listening to a lot of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts soundtrack ever since I beat Kingdom Hearts 2 this month. Already, I can’t wait to replay it!

I’ve also (clearly) been enjoying the openings to Haikyuu!! and a bunch of other random music.

And that’s it! Tell me how your January went!!

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22 thoughts on “January 2021 Wrap-Up!!

  1. DEMON SLAYER IS SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDD!!!🙃💜💙🖤🤗 I loved it. It was amazing. (WHAT I AM GOING TO SAY NEXT CONTAINS SPOILERS SO IF YOU DIDN”T FINISH PLEASE DON”T READ IT UNTIL YOU DO) And you know how the season ended with them about to go on a mission. Well, they’re going to make a movie about that mission. The show is going to continue through a movie, and I was like WOW, THEY CAN DO THAT?! I can’t express how good demon slayer is. Though I think it’s safe to say, that I’ve expressed more than enough.

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  2. ahh it looks like you had a really productive january!! i really need to start with the ember in the ashes series, because everyone’s been saying only good things about it!! schitt’s creek is 100% a WHOLE mood and everything is just so funny!! thanks for the follow!! i hope february treats you well 💖

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  3. If it makes you feel any better I only read 3 books last month I think. I can’t remember exactly when I finished some of them. And I only read 37 books over the ehod of 2021 /: enjoyment is the most important part anyway. I so need to read An Ember In The Ashes series this year. And I keep meaning to pick up true crime books as I’ve seen some great tv dramas about them lately.
    Also is Kingdom Of Hearts a sort of fantasy Disney thing? I’ve never played it.

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    1. That’s still not bad at all!! Quality over quantity is always best! Ooh, I hope you enjoy it! And what true crime dramas have you been watching? I need to watch some lol!
      And it is! It’s a mix of Final Fantasy characters and DIsney, with it’s own plot. I personally LOVE it, but the dialogue is cheesy at times💜

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      1. Thank you and that’s true. Most recently The Serpent on BBC although I also thought A Confession and White House Farm were really good when I saw them last year. Oh and I saw The Pembrokeshire Murders and Des recently too. David Tennant in that last one was disturbing as hell.
        Ooh sounds oddly interesting. I’ll have to look into it and see if I can find it anywhere.

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