Tag Tuesday: The Anti-TBR Book Tag!!

Hi friends! I saw this tag over at Lisa @ Way Too Fantasy’s blog and honestly just really wanted to do it! I believe this was created by Nicole @ Nicole and Her Books on Youtube. So uh…let’s talk about what I don’t want to read!

A popular book everyone loves but you have no interest in reading?

I didn’t like Illuminae at all. And I tried Jay Kristoff’s other sci-fi series but I didn’t click with it much either. So while Aurora Rising does technically sound good, and I know it’s super popular, I’m not reading it. Sorry everyone who likes this book.

A classic book or author you have no interest in reading?

I’ve read quite a few classics, and I’m excited to read others in the future. You know, once school’s done. But The Invisible Man doesn’t really strike me as very interesting right now. I mean, sure, some idiot turned himself invisible. Good for him. Hope it works out okay.

An author whose books you have no interest in reading?

Should I be controversial? Um…I’ll probably have to go with Kristin Hannah. Her books sound fine but also they have absolutely zero buzzwords for me. I struggle with historical fiction and romance a lot, which is what she normally writes, so I think I’ll pass.

A problematic author whose books you have no interest in reading?

Orson Scott Card. I forgot exactly what he did, but I remember him just generally being a little…much.

An author you have read a couple books from and decided they weren’t for you?

I’m actually terrible at reading more than one book from any author, because tiny attention span. But I don’t really have an answer for this because it’s rare for me to completely write off an author.

A genre you have no interest in or you couldn’t get into?

Like I said above, straight historical fiction and I have a rocky relationship. Same with magical realism. It’s rare for me to click with a book in either genre, although there are definitely exceptions!

A book you bought but will never read or a book you borrowed from the library but returned unread?

I’m pretty sure this is about a robot and a girl who fall in love. Um…I don’t know…how I feel about that??? Do we even ask the awkward questions here???

A series you have no interest in reading or a series you started but DNF’d?

I might become a bit of a ranting fiend when it comes to this book. But I don’t think I can physically stomach reading about Katherine and Mirabella and (heavens forbid) Joseph for an entire quartet. NEVER.

A new release you have no interest in reading?

There’s actually not one? Like, out of all the high-profile releases, I’m not opposed to most of them.

So that’s it! I tag all of you!! Share with me a book that’s not on your TBR!

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20 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: The Anti-TBR Book Tag!!

  1. Asdgsdtzsgdfgfseard NO. Aurora Rising is amazing!! I didn’t like illuminae much either (I actually didn’t finish it) but the Aurora Cycle is so much better in my opinion!! I understand I probably won’t change your mind, but it has snarky teenagers in space! Having adventures and giving the reader feelings! Aurora Rising and Aurora Burning were two of my top books last year!! If that’s not enough to sell it to you, I will happily give up trying.

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  2. This was so fun to read !! I’ve never read any Jay Kristoff but after all the hype for some of his books, I’m definitely curious. I’m sorry his books didn’t work for you though.
    yeah three dark crowns didn’t work for me either and read the first two books and was like no, I don’t want to read anymore and that was quite a big thing for me back then because I thought I had to finish every series I started, I don’t know why haha !!

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  3. Glad you had a chance to fill this one out, it’s a lot of fun. 🙂 I was thinking about how much I love historical fiction and then I was like ‘no, Lisa–most of the historicals you read also have some supernatural stuff or some romance or something else to them’ and I realized that yes, I agree. Although I do like historical fiction there usually have to be something else about it to get me hooked LOL. 🙂

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