a tiny book haul!!

Hi friends! I’m here for a uh… rather overdue book haul*. But I really don’t buy books (most of these are gifts) and I haven’t been to the library in forever so this isn’t due to me being lazy. For once.

*i haven’t done one since july oops-

As a huge Avatar fan, I’m so incredibly excited to have received these for my birthday! I mean, I am SO ready to learn about Kyoshi and her life and how she became an Avatar!

I FINALLY OWN A PHYSICAL COPY. It’s so lovely to look at sitting on my shelf, especially since I apparently haven’t shut up about it since I read it.

I’m so happy I own every Shadowhunter book except for The Red Scrolls of Magic! Ghosts of the Shadow Market was the book I was missing, so now I can read it to jump into Queen of Air and Darkness. Wish me luck.

THE FINALE TO ONE OF MY FAVORITE SERIES!!! I’m currently reading this and the feels are STRONG with this one.

So that’s it! I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss anything? My hauls are super small unless I went on a NetGalley or library binge haha! Tell me a book you recently hauled that you’re excited to read!

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25 thoughts on “a tiny book haul!!

  1. I finished Everybody Always and it made me cry tears of joy over and over!!!! the unconditional love and acceptance??? The way he said if his son liked making pizzas, he’d grow a tomato garden so he could hang out with him??? his goofy sense of humor???? I never felt more wholesome :’)

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    1. It’s the final book in the Ember in the Ashes series! The first book follows two perspectives: one of a girl named Laia who is a Scholar (who are oppressed in this world) and after her brother is taken by the Martials (the oppressors) she has to infiltrate the most dangerous academy to help the Scholar Rebellion get her brother back. It also follows Elias, who’s one of the Martials but hates being one, I’d recommend it if you like dark fantasy!


  2. Oh. I’m about half way through The Rise of Kyoshi and its super interesting! I loved Kyoshi when ever she was mentioned in the show so getting a whole story about her is so cool. Hope you enjoy it 😄 Also, congrats on getting a copy of Everybody Always!! It’s always so exciting to get a copy of a book you know you love.

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  3. Ooh I still need to read my copy of Ghosts Of The Shadow Market although I also own pretty much all of Cassandra Clare’s books. I think it’s just the Shadowhunters Codes that I don’t have? Although two of the short story collections I have as ebooks rather than in print.
    Are you planning to get Chain Of Iron? I also hope that you loved all of these 💗

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