a very late december wrap-up! // in which i acknowledge that i have many reviews to write

Hi friends! I’m here for my December wrap-up, in which I finished a lot of things that uh…mostly weren’t books. But that’s okay. Good storytelling can come in many different, equally valid mediums, so I’m pretty happy regardless!

Unfortunately, we did have to deal with a COVID case in our house. However, we were blessed that not only was it a minor case, no one else in my family got it and it was a swift recovery. On that note, I’m thankful we got to have such a wonderful time celebrating Christmas and New Years.


Down Comes The Night by Allison Saft | I was very blessed to be approved for an ARC of this, and it honestly made it onto my favorites of the year list. This is a slow-burn, character-focused novel with a deliciously dark gothic atmosphere and a beautiful enemies-to-lovers romance. I cannot wait to see what this author comes up with next!

Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare | After two years of slow reading, I finally finished it. I swear, I didn’t think it was possible to love these characters more than I already did but apparently I thought wrong. I also thought it was impossible to hate certain characters more than I already did. That was also wrong. This will be an interesting review to write.

Love Does by Bob Goff | Despite this being his most popular novel, I have to admit I didn’t love it quite as much as Everybody, Always. However, Love Does was still great in its own way. I adored each and every story of love doing and changing and making a mark on the lives of others.


If anyone want to scream about Haikyuu!! and My Hero Academia with me, please feel free. I’m considering writing general series thoughts on both of them! I also finished out Community season 2.

video games

I played the first Uncharted game mostly to play the others, and the first definitely feels dated. But the last 20% gave me slight horror vibes which was highly! unexpected! I also played and finished Detroit: Become Human which honestly sorta warrants its own post. Choices have consequences, and you see the truth of that laid out crystal clear in Detroit.

So that’s it! Talk to me about your Decembers!

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18 thoughts on “a very late december wrap-up! // in which i acknowledge that i have many reviews to write

  1. I’m happy to hear you and your loved ones are feeling much better <3! wishing you a happy and healthy 2021. You're also the first I see to post thoughts on Down Comes the Night, I got a galley of it a couple of months ago that I'm really looking forward to. Wishing you FAB January 🙂

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  2. OMG DETROIT BECOME HUMAN!!!! I LOVE THAT GAME SO MUCH! Ok I have to relax. But Connor though! Oh my gosh I’ve never known anyone else who knows that game!! If you post about it I will go mad! Ooh, have you tried Life Is Strange? It’s also a choice game and it’s so good!

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      1. Haha yes! Did you get Connor killed a lot? I got so stressed the first time with the little girl on the roof cos he died saving the girl and I thought he’s dead forever 😅 Oh and when Connor died from the 4 deviants, and Hank came in and held him when he died. Gosh the feels 🤧 ooh, did you turn Connor deviant?

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      2. WAIT REALLY?! I didn’t even realize you could do that! Wait, which four deviants? The ones in the news building? My brain is so easily forgetful😅 Connor almost died once but I restarted the chapter because I wanted to explore an area that I got locked out of once a certain cutscene started LOL. And I did turn Connor deviant!


      3. Once? You killed him once? He died a million times with me. I just thought about it, and I think it was acc 3 deviants,in the news building after they put out the announcement. Yay, deviant Connor!

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      4. That’s totally understandable, I think I was just hyper-focused on keeping him alive and was like “screw the investigation” haha! And SAME that’s where he almost died for me before I was like “but wait, I wanna check the rooftops” lol. Yesss!

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  3. I’m glad everyone was okay when it came to covid! My family in Minnesota got it and it did go through the house but no hospitilaztions.

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  4. I definitely spent my entire December replaying all four Uncharted games and then Lost Legacy because I just missed the characters and the story so much. I mostly just gamed and watched Christmas movies this month. With crazy work hours, I just wanted to chill for the month and reading took a bit of a backburner for me.

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