Most Anticipated January 2021 Releases!

Hi friends! I know we’re already a week into January but I wanted to highlight a couple of upcoming releases for the month. Ya know, because my TBR definitely needs to grow more.

January 5th

Lore by Alexandra Bracken | I still haven’t really read the summary for this because (a) it’s long and I’m impatient and (b), it’s confusing and I have a singular braincell. Still! I know this has Greek mythology and oops my heart is already sold.

You Have A Match by Emma Lord | A story that takes place during a summer camp where the main character finds out she has a famous sister through a DNA test. I’m getting slight Parent Trap vibes. On top of that, we might get a friends-to-lovers romance? Heck yeah!

January 12th

Across The Green Grass Fields by Seanan McGuire | I caught up with the Wayward Children series last year. While I really enjoyed Beneath the Sugar Sky and In An Absent Dream, Come Tumbling Down was a definite disappointment. I’m hoping the newest installment will bring the magic back, because well…I think it has unicorns.

Into The Heartless Wood by Joanna Ruth Meyer | A tree-siren saves a boy’s life instead of ending like she’s supposed to and they fall in love even though it’s forbidden and she wants to be human and wait this sounds like The Little Mermaid: Land Edition. Well I’m excited either way!

Every Single Lie by Rachel Vincent | This is definitely a dark contemporary, so please look at trigger/content warnings before picking this up. I know that this follows a girl who finds a dead baby in her locker, and a whole slew of other issues come up like bullying. I’m curious about this one, but it’ll definitely be a heavy hitter.

That’s it! I’m going to be totally honest: a lot of great sequels are coming out this month that I can’t in good faith put on my list because I haven’t actually read the first installments. Tell me some of your own most anticipated releases!

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