Most Disappointing Books of 2020! // ft. my personal dashed dreams and destroyed hopes

Hi friends! I’m here to talk about the books that have disappointed me this year, which is kinda fun but not very positive. However! I want to begin the new year talking about my favorite books of 2020, so please highly await that because I still have no idea what my favorite book of the year is. Anyways, we’re here to talk about disappointment today, so let’s do this!

Don’t get me wrong here. I wasn’t expecting a tour de force of class, full of Laini Taylor prose and Brandon Sanderson plots. No, I just wanted a relatively trashy, addicting book full of absolutely swoonworthy romance. Instead, I got insta-love. And flat, slightly obnoxious characters. I didn’t actually hate my time reading this, but it wasn’t as good as The Selection. Not even close.

One Wayward Children book will make my favorites of the year list. As 2020 would have it, in order to balance that out, I’ve gotta have one on my most disappointing list too! Come Tumbling Down offered me nothing. We returned to an old world with characters from past books, and there was almost zero tension. I felt like I was reading a magazine story for all the depth this book had. On top of that, the climax was so unbelievably quick, I actually laughed out loud. In a series packed with whimsy, creativity, interesting messages, and intriguing (if short) plots, Come Tumbling Down hold its own.

There’s nothing to be done about this one, to be honest. I listened to the audiobook when I was beginning to get tired of audiobooks, and this had been greatly hyped up for me (really, it’s my fault). While I thought this story was okay, it didn’t blow me away. I can’t remember the characters’s names, or much of the plot. In the end, this more or less felt like a generic YA story, that simply didn’t have enough hook to reel me in and keep me there.

I didn’t hate this one. In fact, I might even read the sequel. The problem is, my expectations were just too high. I wanted a gorgeously written romance story rife with magic and competitions, with a brilliant world as the backdrop. I got the watered down version of all of that. Which of course, leads this particular book to make this list.

So that’s it! Share with me your thoughts on my list, or your own disappointing (or surprising!) reads of 2020!

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13 thoughts on “Most Disappointing Books of 2020! // ft. my personal dashed dreams and destroyed hopes

  1. I could swear I started and couldn’t get into Where Dreams Descend, but it’s not on my DNF list! After seeing so many negative reviews of The Betrothed I decided to not read it and it seems to be a good decision!

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  2. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about The Betrothed so I’m sorry you didn’t get the romance you wanted. I’m sorry to hear The Bone Houses and Where Dreams Descend were disappointments too as I have heard mostly good things. It sucks when you are expecting a really unique YA fantasy just for it to feel a bit generic.

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