12 Months of 2020, 12 Books Still On My TBR // one book from each month i still have to read!

Hi friends! I’m here to highlight my personal past most anticipated release from every month of the year that’s still on my tbr! Which…really isn’t hard, because I’m legendarily awful at reading books. It’s all very ironic.

January: Modern You’ve Got Mail ft. Twitter, enemies-to-lovers (i think), and grilled cheese. I know, I can’t believe I haven’t read this either.

February: ENEMIES TO LOVERS. With the added benefit of marriage. And assassinating. And magic. Also, look at that cover aesthetic !!

March: Yeah uh…no words on this one.

April: Memory thieving. I love it.

May: I’m still so excited for this, because apparently there’s houses and dragons and trials.

June: Les Mis meets Six of Crows in alternate Paris is a sentence that will never fail to capture my attention.

Hello! I’m here to admit that there isn’t really a release from July that sticks out to me! So um, carry on!

August: A star court and a magical competition with a girl who is the daughter of a star and a mortal.

September: It’s Adrienne Young. That’s all I have to say.

October: I still don’t really know what this is about but I’m still excited!!! I just have a good feeling about this one.

November: I mean, this is literally a cool Romeo and Juliet retelling set in Shanghai. I want this yesterday.

December: The finale to one of my most favorite series!! My heart will be broken!!!!

That’s it! Tell me some of your most prioritized books released this year!

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20 thoughts on “12 Months of 2020, 12 Books Still On My TBR // one book from each month i still have to read!

  1. i hope you enjoy these violent delights!! it definitely is very well-loved haha (and i am one of the people who loved it!). now that a sky beyond the storm is out, i can’t wait to start the series next year! hope you manage to get to all these books soon 💕💕

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