Most Surprising Books of 2020!

Hi friends! I want to reflect on some of the reads that most surprised me this year.

One of the things I did this year was try to whittle down my backlist by listening to the oldest books on my TBR, as long as the audiobook was readily available. So that meant I had to continue the Charlotte Holmes series, something I wasn’t looking forward to after disliking the second book. But, I ended up really enjoying the third, and the fourth was even better. A Question For Holmes leaves out all the iffy Moriarty business, and focuses on a complete case. In addition, we get to see the complex relationship between Jamie and Charlotte in a whole new light. I was truly surprised at how this series took such a great turn.

This was another book I read for my backlist. I wasn’t expecting much to be perfectly honest, but Finnikin of the Rock is incredible. The first 100 pages or so can seem slow, but the story truly ends up being so complex and unique. I loved the characters, the world, everything. I actually want to read the companion novels now. This was a great surprise!

Yeah so…I’m a big fan of Little Women. I wasn’t entirely sure about a retelling of it where Jo ends up with Laurie, but this shocked me. This feels more like a homage to a possibility, than a cut-and-dry retelling with one twist. I was very much surprised with how much I liked this.

I’m relatively picky about retellings. But Stepsister was so unique in how it portrayed Isabelle (one of the “ugly” stepsisters) and her story. I loved how it followed a bet between Fate and Chance. I loved how we got so much backstory about the world of Cinderella. And most of all, I loved the message of female empowerment, and inner beauty/strength.

So that’s it! Tell me some of your most surprising reads of the year!

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22 thoughts on “Most Surprising Books of 2020!

  1. Omg I love Little Women! I’ve never really liked retellings of classics but Jo and Laurie is a must! Although I did love Jo’s independence, and how she countered everyone who told her she had to get married because she was a women 💙

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  2. I love it when a book surprises you, always the best feeling. I will have to check out Finnikin of the Rock as I hadn’t heard of it before but it has many qualities I love from the sounds of it.
    Stepsister was a surprise for me too. I’m picky with retellings as well but I enjoyed the themes, message and story so much. I’m excited to try out Donnelly’s latest book poisoned too !!

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