“Worst” Books of 2020! // yeah…the controversy comes

Hi friends! I’ve decided to make separate posts detailing my “worst” books, and the ones that disappointed me but I didn’t necessarily not enjoy. And when I say “worst”, I simply mean it as a book that didn’t meet any of my standards, and is just the worst out of what I read in 2020. That doesn’t mean any of these books are bad, or that you shouldn’t read them! This is a subjective list for sure. With that in mind, let’s get this show on the road!

Quick note: This will start from my DNF’s to my “best” worst books of 2020.

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I DNF’d this one. This promised witches, which I was excited about. However, from the 50 pages I managed to make it through, I already knew it wouldn’t click with me. For some reason, the simplistic teenage drama was instantly the forefront. On top of that, the writing really didn’t impress me. Considering how picky I am with books that deal with modern settings, on account of them generally being shallow, I didn’t continue.

I ONLY HAD 100 PAGES LEFT. And yet, I could not force my way through this any longer. I definitely do struggle with magical realism, I will admit. But this was just way too confusing for me. I was lost as to the world, the rules of the world, and what was real and what was fake. Plus, I was just straight up bored. The characters talked about their confusing world and their hair. Unfortunately, this one just didn’t click with me.

My review of this just went up recently, and I was genuinely debating about whether to put this on this list or my disappointing one. However, I think that the worldbuilding was just so objectively confusing, I had to put it here. I enjoyed several elements of this book, but I couldn’t click with any of the characters, and again: I was basically a confused bumblebee.

I actually had to reread my review of this book because I couldn’t remember anything. But after a lot of brain power*, I finally remembered. And now, I’m angry all over again. This was terrible. This might in fact be the shallowest novel I’ve ever read, because it wasn’t thrilling. It wasn’t exciting. The characters were half-baked potato chips, and the plot was a sludge-fest. I am so mad I wasted my time on this-

*precious brain power might i add

This was so painfully average. For a book that relies heavily on the excitement of skating and the enthrallment of romance, it fails on both fronts. I read it and wasn’t totally bored, but uh I didn’t really enjoy it either.

This really isn’t a terrible book. But it’s nothing really special either. As good as the magic is, it’s overwhelmed by an obnoxious main character, a frankly horrible romance, and one of the most predictable plots I’ve read all year. I’m honestly happy that this isn’t too long, otherwise it would really drag.

That’s it! I want to do my most surprising reads of 2020 next! Share with me some of your most disappointing reads!

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16 thoughts on ““Worst” Books of 2020! // yeah…the controversy comes

  1. Ah I know that feeling of disappointment 🤧 I tried reading Shatter Me because my friend recommended it, and I was disappointed to say the least. The City Of The Uncommon Thief looks quite interesting, although confusion.com 😅 I hope you enjoy your next reads some more 😊

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      1. It was boring and beyond cliche. The main character Juliette has superpowers, and falls in love with a boy. That would be fine, not my favourite but it would be alright. It’s just the writing is not great, and Juliette immediately is in love with Adam as soon as he walks in the room. She doesnt even know him and she loves him. I dnfed it after a while, so maybe I’m not the best judge. Idk, maybe you’ll enjoy it because a lot of people have, it just wasn’t my cup of tea ☕ Happy reading!

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      2. Oh no! Insta love is one of my least favorite tropes, to be perfectly honest😂😂 I don’t blame you for DNF-ing, I might have to rethink reading it now haha! Thanks for telling me! And happy reading to you too💜


  2. It is always interesting to see what peoples’ worst books are. I haven’t read any of theses and I haven’t even heard of a few of them. I hate books which have confusing world-building because I always feel like I’m stupid after when sometimes, at least I hope, it is the book’s fault, haha. I’m sorry A Song Below Water didn’t work for you because on a completely shallow side, the cover is stunning. But when it doesn’t click, it doesn’t click. I hope 2021 has less disappointing reads for you !!

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