Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Friend Recommendations!

Hi friends! I’m here to talk about some great books that friends have recommended to me! Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan@ Meeghan Reads.

One of my IRL friends read both of Drew’s books, and LOVES them. She was kind enough to lend me her copy, and honestly? This is a truly beautiful book. Although I like The Boy Who Steals Houses just a bit more, this one resonates so deeply with me after having seen the anime Your lie in April.

I just got this book for my birthday, after reading it on Scribd! One of my friends recommended it, and it’s truly one of my new favorite books. It’s funny, reflective, and thoughtful.

When I was younger, a ton of my friends were reading this series. I hadn’t taken any prior interest in it before, but then they all basically shoved it in my hands and were like “READ”. So I did. And this trilogy is very much worth the hype.

Not technically a friend, but a librarian recommended me this series. After reading the first book, I got hooked on the rest of them! It actually kickstarted my reading journey, and I read a lot more middle-grade after that.

My mom recommended this series to me when I was very young, and it really did make me love reading. I genuinely owe this whole blog, and every book I’ve read for fun, to her (and Nancy).

So that’s it! What’s a book a friend (or someone important in your life) recommended to you?

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14 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Friend Recommendations!

  1. This is so cute!! I love that your mujm recommended Nancy Drew to you!!
    I also loved The Boy Who Steals Houses more than A Thousand Perfect Notes. Have you read the prequel on Paperfury’s blog?? I cried so hard.

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  2. i’m the same with percy jackson! it wasn’t my librarian but my teacher who recommended it, and i’m so glad i listened to her and read it 🥺 one of my favorite books that was directly recommended to me by an irl friend is the song of achilles! great post ❤

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