Tag Tuesday: Favorite Characters From U-Z!

Hi friends! I’m so excited to finish out this month’s Top 5 Tuesday theme with the last of the alphabet characters*! Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by the fantastic Meeghan Reads. Also, I could not think of anyone for U or X??? I don’t know why but my one braincell just yeeted itself when it came to the letters this week.

*why do i sound like i’m in wordworld or martha speaks or something

Violet Baudelaire

I’ve always loved Violet. She’s incredibly creative, and so smart. Like, really smart. I mean, she was almost married off to that disgusting Count Olaf but was smart enough to avoid it. And countless other unfortunate events. While taking care of her siblings. She is awesome.

Will Herondale

I’VE LITERALLY BEEN WAITING SINCE AUGUST WHEN THESE TOPICS WERE ANNOUNCED TO PICK WILL AND NOW WE’RE FINALLY AT W. Well I’m satisfied, let’s call off the rest of the letters. Jk jk. I (clearly) love Will Herondale with my whole heart and soul, because…he’s Will Herondale. I’ll take my leave now.

yoda (baby)

I can’t believe that the Baby Yoda phenomenon happened nearly a year ago. What the heck. Anyways, I still love him because he’s the epitome of adorable.


Season 3 Zuko is…beyond words. Let’s just have a moment of silence for the absolute brilliance of his character development. What a king.

So that’s it! Let’s talk in the comments!

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