a recent favorite quote // a thursday quotable

Hi friends! I wanted to share a quote that I’ve been so obsessed with recently. It’s not inspirational, or deep, at least not in the way one might think. There’s something so simple and beautiful about it though, so I figured I’d share it!

“To love another person is to see the face of God” – Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

I have loved Les Mis ever since watching this for the first time. But of all the lines, this one stuck out to me the most. With Valjean’s character development, his realization to his newfound love for a child…it really makes you think.

That’s it! I know that this was random and unexpected, but I still hope you enjoyed!

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14 thoughts on “a recent favorite quote // a thursday quotable

  1. A lot of my favorite quotes are from musical theatre. After all, love going to musicals

    Les Misérables is the musical that turned a love of musicals into more of a passion. That musical challenged a lot of things I thought I knew about musicals.

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  2. I recently read an excerpt of Les Mis in my literature class and really enjoyed Valjean as a character! I have only seen clips of the movie but now I’m tempted to watch the entire thing. This quote is absolutely beautiful! Great choice ❤

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