Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Fave Characters P-T!

Hi friends! I’m super hyped to talk about my favorite characters, this time with the letters P-T! Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by the wonderful Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads.


Pip is genuinely one of the greatest lead characters I’ve ever read about. She’s curious, determined, actually clever*, and kind-hearted. Plus, she recognizes that she can’t do things on her own (most of the time) and I really appreciated that.

*which is surprisingly rare for a teen character in a YA mystery?? idk why??


I couldn’t think of anyone else whose named started with Q, but Quinn from Glee has really grown on me. Her character development is insane, and I’ve always believed her to be a far better character than Rachel.


Ruby is one of the most underrated characters in all of Marissa Meyer’s works. Her power is crazy cool, her silent and vocal support of her friends, and her chemistry with a certain smoky guy has led her to quietly become one of my favorites!


Speaking of Marissa Meyer, I think it’s time to talk about our queen Scarlet. She’s clever, confident, and full of sass. Actually, I feel like I never give her enough credit because wow…? She is really awesome.


Tessa!!! I honestly relate to her the most out of any of the main characters in the Shadowhunter world. I mean, she loves reading. I also love her relationships with both Jem and Will! And I’m going to stop typing before I start crying!

That’s it! Talk to me in the comments!

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28 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Fave Characters P-T!

  1. Woooo! Scarlet is my all time fav and though her romance is said to be a bit cliche, I still loved it!! And Rubyy ahh she is so cool and calm and yet full of energy!

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