5 Fall Reading Recs!

Hi friends! I’m here to share 5 reading recs for the fall months! I mean, I am notoriously bad at reading books according to their seasonal vibes but fall tends to be the time of the year that my mood reading aligns. So let’s goooo!

With The Fire On High

There’s something warm and comforting about food and fall. With The Fire On High genuinely captures those feelings in a book. It’s like Thanksgiving family dinners meshed with cooking classes. This is the sort of book that’s absolutely fantastic for the summer-to-autumn transition! And we stan supporting OwnVoices authors so yeah.


If you’re waiting for your next season of crime/mystery television, I’d definitely recommend Sadie! Not only is it in a super unique format, this story will hit the ground running and leave you breathless until the very end. Please look up a list of trigger warnings before reading though, because it is extremely dark and heavy.

A Dress For The Wicked

This book just screams fall to me and I have no idea why. It has a touch of darkness, but it’s also so very fun. It’s full of fashion and couture, drama and twists concerning a fashion competition. It reminds me of reality TV, but with higher stakes. The perfect fall binge read!

The Belles

This novel starts out feeling so decadent and rich and light and fluffy. However, as the secrets of a world fueled by beauty magic begin to unravel, things are not as they seem. This is a fantasy brimming with color and life, like fall. It’s definitely a fantastic fantasy for later in the season!

If We Were Villains

Okay, so I talk about this book a LOT. But it’s nearly my two-year anniversary of reading it*! And the spooky, thriller-y, dramatic vibes are everything for October especially. The dark academia niche is literally made for this time of year and I will stand by that fact.

*i…just realized how quickly time passes. what the heck.

So that’s it! Tell me:

What’s a fall reading rec of your own???

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19 thoughts on “5 Fall Reading Recs!

  1. I love fall / Autumn ( we call it autumn but fall sounds so much cozier! )
    We are about to go into summer now though but I have jotted these down for next time!
    Emma xx

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