Tag Tuesday: Favorite Characters K-O!

Hi friends! I’m so happy it’s Tuesday again, because I’ve been loving this month’s Top 5 Tuesday theme! Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan Reads!

Kaz Brekker

I know I chose Inej last week but like, it’s meant to be! Kaz will forever and always be one of my most favorite morally grey characters. Not going to spoil anything but his backstory? The choices he makes as the series goes on? I am in love.

Lucy and Lockwood

Shhh, both totally count. I mean, one without the other is just not okay. I love Lucy’s snark and courage and Lockwood’s flippancy and smarts and I love them both together sooo yeah. Still need to read the fifth book! I am so late as always!


Moxie is such a legend. Taking care of her younger siblings and living in a house of just boys and not totally losing her mind is an impossibly hard thing to do. Yet, she does it so well. Her relationship with Sam and Avery are also so heartwarming. Moxie is truly a gift.


Speaking of queens, let’s talk about Queen Nova for a sec. Her character development is so fantastic over the course of this trilogy. She’s genuinely one of the most resourceful characters I’ve ever read about. And I mean, who doesn’t ship her and Adrian???


OLIVER. My extremely dramatic child. He just wants his group of friends to be happy, and he has such a caring heart. Seriously, I adore him way too much.

So that’s it! Talk to me!

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12 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Favorite Characters K-O!

  1. omg i’m so happy to see Oliver here!!!!! such a good friend and amazing character to see the world through :’) that angel sdklfj

    amazing post!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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