3 (very excellent) Reasons To Watch The Umbrella Academy!!

Hi friends! I’m here today with one purpose: to convince you all to join the dark side and WATCH AN AMAZING SHOW. Sure, I screamed about it last year. But season 2 came out and um there is much more to scream about*.

*not @ how i originally wrote this before even finishing the second season…but it’s fine. i’m no longer hypocritical!


Klaus, Ben, and Five are the backbone of this show and there’s no way you can argue that. Klaus is literally the most hilarious drunken drug addict ever who’s also suffering PTSD and ahhh. You really don’t need to know the plot, just that Klaus exists. Trust me on this.

#2: it’s weird, wonderful, and unique

We have time travel, the most dysfunctional family, unique superpowers, a talking monkey*, AND…actually, I won’t say. Spoilers are no fun 🙂 If that doesn’t intrigue you, I don’t know what will!

*NO JOKE. but there’s a good reason it’s not like he’s curious george or something

#3: diversity!!

Let’s be real: so many shows have one or two token “diverse” characters. However, The Umbrella Academy truly does have so many diverse characters who each play equally important roles. The second season especially deals with tough topics such as racism and homophobia in such a thoughtful manner. 10/10 would recommend supporting this show, and the actors.

side note: the soundtrack??? LEGENDARY. Especially season 2.

That’s it! I loved season 1 but season 2? Fan-freaking-tastic. Tell me:

Have you watched the Umbrella Academy???

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19 thoughts on “3 (very excellent) Reasons To Watch The Umbrella Academy!!

  1. I lovedd the second season of Umbrella Academy!! I was not immensely impressed by the first season, but the second season completely blew me away🤩🤩 I was HOOKED from the first scene itself! FIVE and KLAUS are my favourite, although both of them can be a dick many times😂

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  2. Ahhhhhhh I really need to watchh this!
    I started the first episode way too long ago and never clicked play again ( darn you online schooling! ) so I definitely have to go back now
    Emma xx

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