an incredible jewelry subscription: girlfriend box and their company!!

Hi friends! Today, I am super excited to announce that I’m working with a new company called Girlfriend Box! I wanted to talk about them because I really, truly love their brand and their focus.

so what is girlfriend box???

Easy! It’s a jewelry box company for your girlfriend, mom, sister or anyone else who would love this. You can preschedule dates for special occasions, do it monthly, or just have it be a one-time gift.

why should i choose them?

Ahem. Allow me to shed some light on the subject.*

*if you get that reference i’ll love you forever
  • It’s 100% happiness guaranteed! The jewelry is expertly crafted, and so beautiful, it really is the perfect gift.
  • It’s anniversary season! With the prescheduling option, you can schedule a box for your special day!
  • Shopping is hard with corona. My family and I are being extra cautious. However, that does make it more difficult to go out and buy even the most simple items. But with Girlfriend Box, you really don’t have to deal with the hassle of going out! Finally, a win for us introverts!
  • The jewelry is honestly so gorgeous. I’ll be unboxing my own box in post that’s very soon to come, and I can’t wait to show you guys.

okay, this sounds cool! but how exactly does it work?

It’s actually really simple! You just choose your plan, enter any important dates if you’re choosing something that’s more than one time, and then you can choose one piece of jewelry for $40 or two pieces for $90. If that sounds a little expensive, you can always just try it out, because your first box is free!

You can use my link to try this company out for yourself! Again, I’ll be unboxing a box from them with my honest thoughts on some of the jewelry options. Tell me:

What’s your favorite kind of jewelry to wear???

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6 thoughts on “an incredible jewelry subscription: girlfriend box and their company!!

  1. THIS IS SUCH A COOL CONCEPT!! And it looks soooo cute! And my faves would probably be a cute necklace and matching earrings!!! But cute rings (and I usually wear multiple rings, multiple fingers hahah) is never a bad idea! Happy reading and it’s such a cute post idea!

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