some excellent japanese songs i’ve been loving recently!! // i have SOME taste okay

Hi friends! Today, I decided to share some of my current favorite Japanese songs!

Love So Sweet: Reborn by ARASHI

OKAY I’M SORRY BUT SPOITIFY KEPT PLAYING AN AD OF THIS SONG AND FINALLY I WAS JUST ALL “screw it” AND LISTENED TO IT. IT IS FANTASTIC. Like, if you don’t like the boy band sound, or generally catchy, bright pop songs, you might not like it. But this has the perfect mix of English and Japanese, while still perfectly adjusting to the melody.

Nothing in the Story by My First Story

This song is a banger. It’s like, the perfect union of punk and boy band???? So it’s super cool but hits hard but the bridge also has such solid vocals so you’re left thinking “WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW.” And you then proceed to listen to it on repeat 10 times in a row. It’s too good.

Hikoutei by King Gnu

For some reason the YT music video isn’t working, but I linked the the Spotify link just in case. I don’r ADORE this song, but it has a light stadium feel that I really appreciate! Also, it’s super unique sound-wise.

Judge Eyes by ALEXANDROS

Another band…hehe. Maybe I should change the title of this post. But this is another great song, edging on rock-esque vibes more than anything else. I really enjoy listening to it!

your eyes tell by BTS

Is anyone really honestly surprised I’d end with a BTS song? This is (warning: excessive fangirling ahead) CO-PRODUCED AND CO-WRITTEN BY JUNGKOOK. I’M SO PROUD. All that aside, this is a gorgeous, heartwrenching ballad with beautiful lyrics that both break my heart and renew it. Also the chorus? It sends me straight to heaven.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post! Tell me:

Have you heard any of these?

What’s a Japanese song you’d recommend?

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8 thoughts on “some excellent japanese songs i’ve been loving recently!! // i have SOME taste okay

  1. Omg I have been crying over how beautiful Your Eyes Tell is 😭😭😭 Jungkook deserves nothing less than the world 💜💜

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh gosh, all my recs are going to be so out of date because I listened to their stuff years ago haha. Also I’d have to bust out my old hard drive where I have all my Jpop music stored…I used to be REALLY into Jpop. Before I was into Arashi I really liked a group called KAT-TUN and was a total fangirl for them and they’re under the same company as Arashi so that’s how I found them. Also a lot of the Arashi (and other groups) members also act in shows and movies so I’ve seen a lot of their stuff over the years. Mastumoto Jun was in a lot of shows I liked, but probably my favorite was Gokusen. I’ll have to hook up my hard drive this weekend and dig through the songs. This was a trip down memory lane haha.

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