Hercules Book Tag!

Hi friends! I’m CRAZY excited to do this tag, because Hercules is one of my all-time favorite Disney movies. I mean, Hades and Meg are the very definition of iconic. This was created by the lovely ladies Mandy and Sha @ Book Princess Reviews. I was tagged by the wonderful Reading with the Rendz.

Zero to Hero – Name a Character That You Didn’t Think Much Of At First But Ended Up a Favorite

Uh…funnily enough, I didn’t like Jace Herondale for five out of the six Mortal Instruments. I mean, he was useful for sass. But other than that I was all “he’s too angsty! And obsessive! And annoying!” And then City of Lost Souls happened. AKA the book where I fell in love with Jace Herondale* and decided that he’s officially one of my all-time favorite characters!

*which is especially ironic, considering what exactly happens to him in this book…

The Muses – Name Some Characters/Books/Authors That Inspire You

Characters: Cress Darnell, Isabelle (from Stepsister), Inej Ghafia

Books: The Sun Is Also A Star, Descendant of the Crane, Born Again

Authors: Sabaa Tahir, Marissa Meyer, Nicola Yoon

Megara – Name a Character Who Has to Do Morally Complex Things To Save Themselves/Others/World

Okay but Meg is an actual queen. I could quote her all day every day. And Jude lowkey reminds me of her. Sassy, does morally dubious things? 10/10 would not want to cross either of them.

Hercules – Character That Goes Through a Huge Change

Charlotte Holmes goes through so much character development, I feel attacked*. I can barely find the words to articulate how different she acts, from the first book to the fourth. Watching the way she treated Jamie in the fourth book made me squeal way too much, because she’d changed so very much.

*i’m pretty sure i still look and act like i’m twelve. i am the pinnacle of zero development.

I Won’t Say (I’m in Love) – Name Your Favorite Romance With the Miscommunication Trope

I HATE the miscommunication trope. It’s obnoxious, and a poor attempt at angst in my opinion. But I do adore Maxon!!! And I shipped him and America so much despite America literally being the most annoying piece of wishy-washy, sat-in-the-sun too long dirty laundry ever.

Hades – Name a Villain That Stole the Show

I mean, no matter what book you’re reading in the Caraval series, the villains are always so deliciously dark and dramatic. If you know me, then you know that I would do anything for Jacks*. Even Legend is far more intriguing than our main characters if I’m being honest!

*even eat peas. and that is quite the sacrifice

UH. I WOULD TOTALLY FIT IN IF IT’S A MAGICAL LIBRARY. With cats!! Like, someone hit me over the head with a door. Please.

That’s it! This was incredibly fun, I truly do adore Hercules. I tag:

Amanda @ Metal Phantasm Reads

Louise @ Foxes and Fairy Tales

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12 thoughts on “Hercules Book Tag!

  1. I can see from your post that Hercules was also on your mind! I just uploaded an article on my website titled “From Zero to Hero – The Myth of Hercules’ -https://authorjoannereed.net/from-zero-to-hero-the-myth-of-hercules/ . Feel free to check it out! You will also find in the article a musical interlude provided by my youngest daughter who is narrating (rather singing) the story of Hercules

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