in the dark, soft earth mini-review! // a poetry collection

Hi friends! Today, I’m here to give a mini-review of a poetry collection!

A huge thank-you to the publisher for providing this in exchange for an honest review!

  • the poetry is lush, rich, and brimming with almost ethereal prose. I was often surprised by how incredible the metaphors were.
  • The author did a fantastic job of covering multiple subjects. This felt dreamy at first, light, and whimsical, but the more you read, the darker it got.
  • I really adored the addition of paintings and tarot cards, to really hone in on the mystery of it all.
  • My main problem is that the poems often felt a little too abstract for my liking? I like to have a concept, and this didn’t quite fit.

That’s it! It’s hard for me to review poetry unless I have especially strong feelings on it, so this is a mini-review! This was a 3 star read for me, I think. Tell me:

Do you have a favorite poetry collection?

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18 thoughts on “in the dark, soft earth mini-review! // a poetry collection

  1. I never really read poetry, I think having to study it for school made me think I dislike it but tbh I think maybe that was just because we had to dissect every line. Im sure I quite liked a few poems and stories told in poetry form when I was younger. So I’ll have to try and start checking some out again sometime.
    I also think that the tarot aspect sounds interesting ☺️ I haven’t added this to my TBR for now but may do in the future if I do manage to get into poetry.

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    1. That makes sense!! I’m the same way with classics, it’s funny how school does that😂 I’d highly recommend the Princess Saves Herself In This One by Amanda Lovelace if you ever want to pick up poetry again💜
      Yesss, it’s very interesting!!

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      1. Im the same with classics too 🙈 I do want to try a few out sometime though. Ooh I think I’ve heard of that before actually, thanks for the recommendation 💞

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