the umbrella academy season 2 is coming!!

Hi friends! I have some exciting news to share:

the umbrella academy is back!!

you might be wondering: what is this show and why are you so hyped???

Let me explain, my dear friends. Once upon a time, a young man named Gerard Way* created a comic series. Then, Streaming Giant Netflix optioned the comic book series into a television show, and thus The Umbrella Academy was born. We have a diverse cast of characters, who were adopted from a young age for their powers. And a lot more happens in the show that I don’t want to spoil, because around the fifth episode things start to go down. Oh, and they’re also trying to stop the apocalypse that’s going to happen in a week. Now that you know, there will be spoilers for the first season in the rest of this post!

*you might know him as lead singer of a little band called my chemical romance. just saying.

These photos have me HYPED. I think that the time jump thing at the end of the last episode didn’t go the way everyone had planned? Judging from Allison’s dress, I think they went back in time. Which also means we could have some interesting conversations about discrimination? This has the potential to be really needed, especially with the world right now!

Also, I’m laughing hysterically at how different Klaus, Diego, and Allison look compared to the others. I really, really hope we get to see more of Ben in this season! I cannot WAIT until July 31st!

Tell me:

Have you seen this show?

Have you read the comics?

What do you hope will happen in season 2?

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5 thoughts on “the umbrella academy season 2 is coming!!

  1. Ooh I’ve heard of this but didn’t realize the comics were written by the MCR singer. I’ll have to check the show out sometime as it sounds interesting. I’ll also have to find out if I like comics or not if I can find these at the library 😅 I hope you love season two as much as season one.

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