2 year blogiversary!! // thanks, and vital resources

Hi friends! I wanted to stop by to say that it’s my 2 year blogiversary!!!!! Well, technically it’s tomorrow, but I thought it was more important to post today. I wouldn’t be here without each and every one of you showing your support. I count all of you as my friends, and I love you all dearly. I hope to continue on into the future!

okay. now on to the real heart of the matter.

While I’m so thankful for my blog and that it’s lasted this long, I want today to not be about me. If all of you could spare a few minutes out of your day to seek justice for George Floyd, to seek humanity for America, I urge you to educate yourselves! Sign petitions! Donate!

this is a detailed google doc with all the links!!!

And if you can’t afford to donate, watch this video on YT, because the ad revenue supports the movement:

Please, do your best to seek justice. To make the world a better place for people. Let’s show love and solidarity, together. Thank you all again!!

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