A New (Cinematic) Adventure…

Hi friends! I’m really excited to share something that I’ve decided to do!

heck yeah I’m ranking the Pixar movies!

Basically, I’m going to rewatch all the Pixar movies, and rank them at the end!

so what’s the point, you might ask?

my answer is that there’s no point! Except that perhaps it might help you all to decide the best ones as well! What I’ve seen so far:

Toy Story | ASDFGHJKL. I forgot how old this movie was, so there were some animated scenes that were….interesting.


Anyways, this is what started the whole Pixar/Disney thing. Everything from Pizza Planet to the iconic flying on a firework scene is just amazing. I really enjoyed this rewatch actually!

A Bug’s Life | I remembered literally nothing about this movie apparently. It has some slow parts, and it got a little predictable. BUT it was surprisingly funny, and the characters are really likeable.

Toy Story 2 | Possibly my least favorite of all the Toy Story movies, but still not bad. Jessie and Bullseye are two of my favorite characters in the franchise! Also, the Star Wars parallels. Just yes. I don’t connect with it the same way I do the others, though.

Monsters Inc | This is such an underrated movie. The first one I’ve cried watching, because yes, the Boo and Sulley scene is tear-worthy, but the last shot? That makes me want to cry and smile forever. Also, this movie is lowkey hilarious too so 10/10 would recommend if you want feels and laughter.

That’s it! I want to do updates on my general thoughts and a ranking at the end, but I hope you don’t mind these!

14 thoughts on “A New (Cinematic) Adventure…

  1. I don’t know if I ever really got into Toy Story. I didn’t think I did but I’m sure I’ve been told I used to go watch it at my neighbors all of the time 😂 or maybe that was Lion King 🤔 (which I didn’t think I’d seen at all).
    What do you think you’re planning to watch next?

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  2. before even reading the post: YESSSSSSS. i’m ready for this.
    I haven’t seen any of the toy stories in SO. LONG. i only have some scenes that i can remember: the aliens dangling from a rearview mirror in a car, and that horrifying moment when the toys were going to burn in the incinerator. I kind of want to watch now just to laugh at the not-so-great animation though… that Woody face!! I ADORE Monsters Inc. What a beautiful beautiful story and oof wasn’t Randall the creepiest though?
    I’m in love with this mini-series!


  3. OMG I feel like the dumbest person in the world because I haven’t watched ANY of the movies you talked about… I was more of a Disney and dreamworks kind of person haha everything from ice age, Madagascar, Rapunzel and everything and OMG Barbie hahaha! But I will have to get to these movies because everyone seems to love them (you as well obviously haha)!!! Happy reading and watching haha because I’ve been watching more movies and series lately than actually reading/finishing a book lol

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