The ABC Murders Review! // another agatha christie!

Hi friends! I’m back with yet another book review, so let us commence the spilling of the tea!

There’s a serial killer on the loose, working his way through the alphabet and the whole country is in a state of panic.

Agatha Christie is often hailed as the “queen of mystery”. This is my fourth book by her, and I think my second favorite for quite a few reasons. I need to watch TV show to compare it*! Also, a quick note: the audiobook narrator, Hugh Fraser, did an AMAZING job. All the voices are perfectly done, and easily discernible. I loved the French accent for Hercule.

*also to see how ron weasley handles muggle murder. something tells me he might not do so well.

This is much more psychological than I was expecting? It was less whodunit and more whydidit. Hercule Poiroit (our beloved detective) was actually rather serious, and it was interesting seeing how he handled having so many loose ends. What really fascinated me was how the police was focused on catching the killer by classic means, while Poirot was preoccupied with studying the mind and motive. The climax and resolution only hammered in how Christie can truly thrive writing any kind of mystery! To be honest, they have a really modern feel in how brilliantly she plots her stories.

now let’s one-line some characters!

Hercule Poirot: Basically, his banter with Hastings is hilariously chill, yet his mind?

Captain Hastings: His name should be Captain Obvious, because he states the obvious*.

*dang maybe MY name should be captain obvious

Sir Franklin Clark: His name starts with Sir, so of course he embodies chivalrous gentleman.

Mary Dower: Forgettable.

Megan B: I can’t remember her last name but Megan was an absolute queen.

Donald Fraiser: Literally Ron Weasley, red hair and all.

Thora Gray: Tell me why the Dora theme song plays in my head whenever her name is mentioned.

Alexander Cust: Cinnamon roll…?

SO yeah. The plot was not very twisty, but it in that way it drew upon some “thriller” elements. I mean, technically everyone was pretty chill about the murders so it wasn’t really a thriller, but it felt totally different from Christie’s previous mysteries.

So yeah, I think that’s it! Agatha Christie always has good mysteries that I can never totally predict, even if I don’t fall in love with them. Have you read this? Seen the TV show?

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19 thoughts on “The ABC Murders Review! // another agatha christie!

  1. Awesome review! And I felt the exact same: Hercule Poirot is so focusing on the why and not The Who and that was so different from the other books. And I was also kind of annoying that everyone was super chill about the murders?! And the characters (apart from our beloved detective as you so rightly called him) really weren’t the most remarkable ones, I read you list and I was literally not able to remember A SINGLE ONE lol. Great review and happy reading!

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  2. I haven’t read a book by her yet but I do want to some time. I have seen a couple of adaptations though and they’re always so twisty and hard to predict! (I kind of regret watching one of them as I think I’d rather have picked the book up and been shocked by it’s end). Anyway I’m glad you enjoyed this. If it’s your second favourite so far what was your favourite?

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      1. Thank you ❤️ probably the recent Murder On The Orient Express. I did find the detective a bit odd 😂 really enjoyed the mystery though and cast.
        Ooh that’s the one that I meant I kind of regret seeing before reading. It’s so twisty!!

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