The Disney Parks Book Tag!! // disney and books: the best combo

Hi friends! I’m really excited to do this tag, because I love a lot of things but Disney is honestly in the top 10. I was tagged by the lovely Kay @ Hammock of Books, so thank you so much Kay!


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I’ve read, in essence, zero books set along the river. But then, I remembered that entire scenes of Tom Sawyer take place on the river, and scattered in the caves along it. To be honest, Tom was a highkey troublemaker. Anyways, Adventureland is always the first place we go whenever my family visits Disney World, and Jungle Cruise has always been one of the first rides I go on.

Apparently I haven’t read a pirate book*…? But this is about a whale**! This is quite the confusing story, but it’s Patrick Ness. So it’s weird and confusing, but emotional. I adore the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, actually, although I’ve only seen the first movie!

*for all i scream about pirate books, the fact that i haven’t actually read one is just…sad
**which is definitely not the same thing

This is a story about girls who are being murdered in the woods. However, the thing that makes this so eerie, so creepy, is that several chapters are narrated from the killer themself*. In fact, it said chapters detail the disturbing habits of the murderer.

*is this a word? i genuinely don’t know

This is one of the few books that entertained me from beginning to end. The first book in this series is, in essence, an ASSASSIN COMPETITION. No matter her faults, Sarah J. Maas knows how to write an exciting plot! Also, fun fact: I was once evacuated off of Thunder Mountain. Good times.

This is one of the few classics I actually adore! It’s such a heartbreaking tale of racism and innocence. I’d highly recommend it, even if you don’t usually read classics. Ahhh, Splash Mountain is such a good ride. All the feels!

I did this prompt one better: there’s TWO castles in this book*. I would quite like to live in the Good castle. Particularly the Gingerbread wing.

*i am entirely too proud

This book is wildly whimsical in the best way. Scarlett’s gown and the entire game of Caraval and then eventually the Fates? So magical. Nearly as magical as The Mad Tea Party.

Uh…I can’t actually remember which book in this series has the big “trek through the mountains”? I know it happened but I can’t quite pinpoint a specific installment. This is such an underrated series, and I’d highly recommend trying it out!

This book is heavily inspired by Chinese culture, and you can clearly feel the subtle touches Joan He loving incorporated into this novel. Even the cover is clearly beautifully influenced.

ASDFGHJKL I’M SORRY I CHOSE THE LUNAR CHRONICLES AGAIN. But my only other option was Illuminae which I did not like in the slightest. This is one of my favorite series, and I love the whole space-opera/retelling vibes. Although, the lines for Space Mountain are always SO long. Yet so worth it.

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this! Disney is so much fun. I tag:

Alice | Sha and Mandy | Joanna

29 thoughts on “The Disney Parks Book Tag!! // disney and books: the best combo

  1. GREAT TAG! And your answers are sooo true! Throne of Glass really was a rush and super fast paced and whimsical is the BEST description of Caraval! And Ahhhhh Winter was the best finish the series could have had!! Happy reading!

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  2. Haha I’ve never been to disneyland so I kinda had no idea what you were talking about but oh well


    Also your footnotes made me smile so

    good post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh I love the second trilogy, aka books 4, 5 and 6 (yay! It’s coming out sooooon), they’re amazing. But I also really like books 1 and 2, when they’re still about friendship and less about romance. So basically I like all of them but 3. Three’s got too much petty arguing. I strongly recommend you catch up, the books seem to get better as they go on!

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  3. I so want to go to Disney one day but it also seems incredibly unlikely that I will 😦 I’ve had to add The Body In The Woods to my TBR as your description of it really grabbed my attention. It’s chilling when you get scenes from the POV of the killer. I love Throne Of Glass but I still need to finish the series. Why were you evacuated off of Thunder Mountain once? I also need to read the School For Good & Evil Series. I do have The Demon King on my TBR so I do want to read it sometime 🙂 and I totally want a copy of Descendant Of The Crane. Not only does it sound fascinating but because it has such a stunning cover I want it in print!!

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    1. awwww, well, you never know, dreams do come true💜 ahhh I hope you enjoy it, it’s definitely a unique thriller! I was mainly evacuated because it broke on the way up the hill😅 ooh, I hope you adore all of those! Yesss, Descendant has such gorgeous cover!!!

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      1. Fingers crossed 💕 thank you. Ooh was that when you were actually on the ride? That always used to happen with a water ride at a theme park nearer to me and people would be stuck there for ages!! Thank you.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m glad you managed to get off it safely then. And yeah it was surprising how often you’d walk past and just see it stuck there. It didn’t happen when I was on it at least though.

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