Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Series I Want To Start! // i am rather ambitious aren’t it

Hi friends! Today, I’m talking about series I want to start, because I have a legendary streak with starting series*. But hopefully this topic will inspire me to get it together! Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by the lovely Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm.

*and i mean that in a bad way

I have heard only the best things about this series. Like, I want to be in on the hype! This is definitely my fault because I’ve had the party invitation for like 2 years now and I haven’t done anything about it. This is apparently a dark* fantasy and there’s a warrior girl and a WARRIOR SCHOOL. School settings with magic/superpowers/warrior-stuff is one of my favorite tropes ever.

*by dark, i mean please visit the author’s website or check reviews for trigger warnings, because there’s a lot

Okay, so this duology seems to be rather polarizing. Or at least the first book is, because I can’t remember if the second book’s out yet*. But this apparently is a historical fantasy? With six pretty cool characters? And a small heist aspect, and some pretty cool clues. I want to definitely read the first book soon!

*i am the all-knowing book fairy. fear me.

This a series currently being translated from French, so the fourth hasn’t been translated yet. I actually forgot what this is about…but it’s really popular in France? And I’ve made it a goal to read more translated books* this year! And finally, I read an amazing review of A Winter’s Promise from Jane @ Blogger Books and that was it. I was done for. This series had piled itself onto my TBR.

*that’s a goal i’m totally failing by the way

I CAN’T REMEMBER WHAT THIS MANGA IS ABOUT THIS IS WHY I’M BASICALLY DORY. Actually, I know that this manga involves time travel and a mystery. That’s genuinely all I need to know to want to read this series, and I’m really excited to go in mostly blind!

This is apparently one of the most beautifully written fantasy trilogies ever. Honestly, I’m ridiculously excited to read it? Because it handles a frost demon and girl in the midst of wintery Russia. THE POTENTIAL FOR ATMOSPHERE. Also um…I keep saying I’m going to read this series but I never do because I don’t own it sadly. But once the library reopens, I have grand plans for this series!

So that’s it! In hindsight, these are all fantasy series. So that means they’ll be rather long. Well, I want to do my best to read these! Tell me:

What series do you most want to start? Have you read any of these?

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18 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Series I Want To Start! // i am rather ambitious aren’t it

  1. SO much atmosphere in the Bear and the Nightingale, you must! I enjoyed The Gilded Wolves, but I understand some of the critiques about the magic and the world-building. I just loved the characters so much I was willing to overlook it.

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  2. YOU’RE TOOOOO CUTE!!!! I really hope you enjoy A Winter’s Promise when you pick it up!!!! It really was a fantastic and enchanting book! Happy reading and I really hope you can read all those series soon!!

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  3. I want to read Orange too but I think I remember hearing it was sad? So I have avoided it. I’m not sure if I’m actually remembering that right but I think that’s what I remember lol.

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  4. If it makes you feel better I actually have the first Poppy War and Katherine Arden books (as ebooks) and haven’t read them yet. They both sound like such fantastic series though. I hadn’t seen the cover for The Burning God before either but it’s stunning!!

    The translated series that you’ve mentioned is new to me (I’ll have to look it up later) I really like the covers again though. IDK if I’ve got many translated books on my TBR or not. I think I have a few, from Bookstagram, that I’m awiting to be translated and one called Maresi. I can’t remember what it’s about but I know the blurb really intrigued me back when I discovered it.

    Series I most want to start are… all of them? To pick three random ones The Falconer (fairies & historical settings sound amazing), Soulless (because I adore vampire books) & The Hollows (because I need to read more witch series and I have either three or four of the books unread in my wardrobe)

    I really hope that you end up enjoying all of this series when you get started with them (:

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    1. Haha I can relate! I hope you enjoy both series, they hold such promise!

      Ooh yes, the covers are beautiful! I’ll have to look into Maresi, the name alone is super intriguing.

      AH The Falconer!! I can’t wait to see what you think of it! And the other two sound amazing too, I hope you enjoy them all💜

      Thank you so much!

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