backlist TBR #1…audiobook style?! // this is the start of something new!

Hi friends! I’m really, really excited because I THINK I’ve found the perfect solution to two current problems I have!

i suck at audiobook reading (listening?)

I usually end up staring at the wall. But I hate staring at the wall, so I try to do something else and then I start daydreaming and singing to myself and OOPS before you know it half the characters have departed the literary planet and the funerals happened an hour ago. Not great.

i am really bad at backlist reading.

I mean, I’m bad at all reading. But I forget that I ever wanted to read something until I go to mark it as to-read on Goodreads and um…it’s already marked. It’s embarrassing, to be perfectly honest with you.

so, i believe that i’ve found a solution!

I’ve decided to make good use of my family’s Scribd account, start backwards on my Goodreads TBR, and listen to the earliest on my want-to-read shelf book that’s available on Scribd*. So without further ado, let us judge the first choice! Drum roll please!

*if you don’t know what scribd is, it’s $10 a month and you get access to a ton of audiobooks and ebooks. if anyone is interested, i can definitely make a post about it in the future!
gosh dang it i love this puppy

TBR Addition Date: October 15, 2017

The oldest book is one of the rare ones I own physically, so I want to read it like that. The next oldest book added…technically hasn’t come out yet. And Scribd didn’t have the third oldest book, so here we are! I have no idea what this is about! I remember hearing Regan @ Peruse Project talk about this a lot because it’s fantasy, so I’m lowkey kinda excited about this?! I do like fantasy. It’s about 11 years old, so we’ll see how it stands up to the test of time.

That’s it! What do you think of this? Have you read Finnikin of the Rock?

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13 thoughts on “backlist TBR #1…audiobook style?! // this is the start of something new!

  1. I’m also trying to get better at reading (listening?) audiobooks! I used to listen to a lot awhile back but then stopped. But I actually got Scribd recently and had audiobooks for the books I want to read so I’m going to be trying them!
    Also, in case anyone is interested and wanted to try it out, because of the Coronavirus, Scribd started a thing where you can read for free for 30 days with no requirement of a credit card .

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  2. Ooh good luck with this new goal! 😀 Audiobooks are a great way for me to read books that I might otherwise hesitate to pick up. I hope you’re able to get to a lot of great backlist this way, and I hope you enjoy Finnikin of the Rock!

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  3. Same! Although since we’ve been in quarantine, I’ve been listening to audiobooks more than ever. I’m pretty sure almost all of my audio reads have been backlist books aside from maybe one or two.

    Hopefully it works out for you like it did for me. 😀

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  4. I’ve seen this on Amazon but haven’t looked into it! Audiobooks have been great for helping me clear out my backlist.

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