Totally Didn’t Book Tag!! // ft. a dash of salt

Hi friends! Today we are taking a small break from out regularly scheduled Top 5 Tuesday programming to catch up on a belated book tag! I was tagged by Jane @ Blogger Books, so thank you so much!!

#1 Totally Didn’t Need To Have A Sequel/Sequels?

I thought about choosing Divergent for this one but in the end, I had to pick The Girl The Sea Gave Back. This is a companion novel to Sky in the Deep. While Sky was gorgeously written, brilliantly plotted, with a beautiful romance…Girl felt like a much worse rehash of all of that. Totally unnecessary except for that it made me really cherish the first more because it wasn’t the second lol.

#2 Totally Didn’t Need To Have More Than One Point Of View?

now do you see why i didn’t pick divergent for the first question?

First of all, you don’t suddenly add another first-person perspective in the CONCLUSION of a series unless you have a really, really excellent reason. Which this one did not. Not to mention, Four’s chapters sounded the exact same as Tris’s. Not only did we not need this book but we* certainly didn’t need his perspective.

*by we i mean me but you may or may not agree with me

#3 Totally Didn’t Need To Change Cover Art Through The Middle Of A Series?

I can think of a few series that had cover changes halfway through, but I honestly don’t have strong opinions one way or the other. So I left this one blank!

#4 Totally Didn’t Need A Love Triangle?

I’m going to have to steal Jane’s answer for this one but The Selection. If (and this is a big leap of imagination bear with me) America had any sort of sense, or eyes, or heart, or wasn’t a complete imbecile, she would have known that Maxon is superior. Forever and always.

#5 Totally Didn’t Need This Book To Be Included In This Series?

My logic for this is as follows: I remember at least three things that happened in Shadow and Bone. I remember at least three things of what happened in Ruin and Rising. The majority of my memories of this book consist of Mal’s face, a trench, and some forest. Except those things are in the other two books too. So therefore, I deem this book useless.

#6 Totally Didn’t Need A Cliffhanger?

Once again, I have to steal Jane’s answer, because War Storm was a mess. 700 pages of pure contradictions and stifled action, only to end on a pointless cliffhanger. The entire series leads up to certain things and the conclusion just waves its magic wand and yells, “and YOU shall be unsatisfied and YOU shall be unsatisfied and YOU shall definitely be unsatisfied!”

#7 Totally Didn’t Need To Have Just One Point Of View?

Again…no answer. I think I mostly enjoy when a book is from one perspective, and it allows for the plotting of certain characters to be more undetectable. So yeah!

#8 Totally Didn’t Need That Much Hype?

How many times can I talk about my disappointment of this book? I don’t know. Many times probably. To summarize: characters? kind of flat. Plot? Totally boring. Romance? Excuse me while I go throw up in the toilet of insta-love 🙂

#9 Totally Didn’t Need A Relative Book Reference (e.g. how a Hunger Games fan would love Divergent)

I’m pretty sure that literally every heist/crime gang story is now being compared to Six of Crows. Beneath The Citadel falls into that sad trap. The crime? Not as entertaining. And the characters cannot even be mentioned in the same sentence. as those in Six of Crows.

#1o Totally Didn’t Deserve My Time?

no words are necessary.

So that’s it! I’m doing this tag late (as always smh) so if you haven’t done this yet, pkease feel free to do it, I had a lot of fun! I wish you all a lovely day!

20 thoughts on “Totally Didn’t Book Tag!! // ft. a dash of salt

  1. I totally agree with these answers!

    We don’t talk about The Cursed Child, let’s just pretend it doesn’t exist. I also agree that Three Dark Crowns didn’t need all the hype, especially considering the sequels were meh. The love triangle in The Selection frustrated the hell out of me! Aspen is trash.

    Great post! ❤

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    1. Yay, I’m glad!

      Yessss, the HP series ended with Deathly Hallows for sure. I didn’t continue on with the TDC series, that’s annoying how the sequels were eh too. And YES! Aspen shouldn’t even have been an option lol.

      Thank you! I wish you a lovely April!💜

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  2. I so agree with your thoughts on Three Dark Crown!! I was so excited to start reading it but I was so disappointed with how it played out. Literally, the only thing I liked was that surprise at the end but the rest of the book is just . . . I can’t.
    I would say I agree with you about War Storm, but I never finished it sooooo. But I agree about the “stifled action” which made it a bit boring and I didn’t like all the different persepctives so I just dropped it. I will probably pick it back up but I do kinda know how it ends and because I loved the first three books.


    1. Oh my gosh, EXACTLY! I feel the same way! Especially on the romance aspects, I feel like they weren’t done as well as they could have been.

      Yesss! The first three books were so good, especially the first, but the last book had too many perspectives for sure. I hope you end up enjoying it if you pick it up!💜


  3. Omg The Selection. That book would have been so much better if there wasn’t the drama of the love triangle lol–maybe the author could have focused on the dystopian elements and those mysterious rebels more. Great tag!

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  4. OMG I’m so sorry for the late answer!!!! Thanks so much for doing this! And AHHHHH your answers! First: yes, Three Dark Crowns was beyond annoying. Second: The Cursed Child did so not deserve any second I spent reading it, super disappointing… and we could forever rant about Aspen and Mason, couldn’t we?
    Happy reading!!!

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  5. Oh dear I want to read quite a few of these so I hope that I enjoy them more than you did 😅 omg I so have an answer for cover change although it isn’t so much middle of the series but full stop and that is The Graces. The new US cover is stunning but the UK one is literally the name on a plain black background. And then Trail Of Lightning too. I want to get a copy but I’m holding out hope of finding one with the original cover as it’s so much better than the new one!!
    Also I always see that Cursed Child isn’t worth reading but I still feel like I need to one day… Although the fact that it’s in play form constantly puts me off.

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    1. Ahhh, I really hope you love them all! I think it’s mostly just a “me” thing haha. Oh my gosh, now that you mention it, YES to both of those!! The Graces and Trail of Lightning “upgraded” to rather disappointing covers. I hope you find the OG cover of Trail of Lightning!
      Cursed Child is…well…you could definitely live without reading it? But I don’t TOTALLY regret reading it. Mainly because it didn’t take so long lol!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you ❤️ and thanks again 😅
        That’s true, it will be a quick read at least 😂 I just can never get enthusiasm to read plays for some reason though.

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