Tag Tuesday: Top 5 A-E Authors!!

Hi friends! I’m super excited because we get another themed Top 5 Tuesday month! Today, we’re naming our Top 5 authors from A-E. A huge thanks to Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm for hosting this!

Acevedo, Elizabeth

AKA one of the best YA contemporary authors around. I’ve only read With The Fire On High but it was absolutely incredible. I’ve ranted about this one many, many times before but it’s basically the most amazing representation of food and family and love.

Bardugo, Leigh

Leigh Bardugo is a common name in YA. But it;s for a good reason. Six of Crows especially is filled with wit, darkness, and angst. She’s just really good at what she does.

Clare, Cassandra

The Shadowhunter books are my everything. I love the humor and the characters and the plot twists. Cassie just has a really entertaining writing style that I enjoy.

C.G. Drews (also know as Cait from Paper Fury) is another of my favorite contemporary authors. They’re the perfect mix of dark and light, funny and serious.

Ernshaw, Shea

Shea Ernshaw writes the most atmospheric books! They’re witchy and magical and while I don’t usually adore the characters, I love the writing and the settings.

That’s it! Tell me: do you have a favorite author that begins with any of these letters? Have you read from any of these authors?

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