Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Books That Gave Me A MAJOR Hangover

Hi friends! I’m excited today to talk about books that have virtually ruined all other books for me. I probably still have a hangover from most of these to be honest. Don’t forget that Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm.

I had no idea this book would be so brutally brilliant. And SOME people were apparently confused on who should end up together but I knew who the true soulmates were from the START*. Anyways, this book left me longing for more YA books that were thrilling and action-packed and totally unpredictable. Hopefully the conclusion won’t break us all.

*not to shade anyone or anything…haha. Ha.

CROOKED FREAKING KINGDOM, MY FRIENDS. The Crows had somehow become a piece of my heart. The Kaz and Inej moments made my soul fly. And then it was suddenly over after only two books??? No more thieves, no more banter, no more tension-filled-almost-romantic interactions??? Who even decided duologies were a thing anyhow.

shadowhunter friends, does any more need to be said???

Clockwork Princess…is everything. I sobbed through that epilogue, and finishing this trilogy felt like I’d lost a piece of myself, and gained a piece at the same time. I’m still suffering a book hangover from this one.

Literally, after finishing the first Throne of Glass book, my only thought was:

when can i get the rest of the series?!

Throne of Glass was basically my life for a little bit. I refused to read anything other than the second book after finishing the first.

This book always gives me a hangover, because I fly through it WAY too fast. It’s like pizza, once I take one bite, I take another, and another, and oops the whole pizza is gone. And now I want the sequel: ice cream. BUT THERE IS NO ICE CREAM*. I seriously need to just binge this series.

*okay so i might have problems with metaphors and reality.

So that’s it! Tell me: what books have caused you a major hangover??? For good or for bad?

18 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Books That Gave Me A MAJOR Hangover

  1. AWESOME CHOICES!!!! And who didn’t like Laia and Elias from the start? I read this more than a year ago, but the boy from the underground organization was trash, wasn’t he? And yesss to everything else! Happy reading!

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  2. Yay I’ve read two of these and I agree they’re both fantastic books! Ideally I want to re-read both of them this year to refresh my memories of them before finishing the series/reading the sort of sequel series. The rest are also majorly high priority on my TBR. Everybody loves Six Of Crows and I NEED to know why. I’ve heard so much about the villain in An Ember In The Ashes that I can’t wait to discover them for myself and I have an ebook of the last of these but haven’t seen much about them so I’m thrilled to know that you enjoyed it so much!! I do love the concept of it.

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