High School Musical Book Tag!! // cuz you are the music in meee

Hi friends! I’m here for a really random tag, but since I’m currently watching High School Musical 2, I’m INSPIRED. I found this @ Doodles and Scraps.

The Start of Something New – a new favorite genre/author/series

Dark academia is one of my new favorite genres. There’s something so, well, Slytherin* about it all.

*actually i just retook the pottermore quiz and APPARENTLY I’M A SLYTHERIN. me and my gryffindor shirt have been lied to.

What I’ve Been Looking For – a book that has everything you’ve always wanted

The Lunar Chronicles is one of my all-time favorite series. Fairy-tales and a cast of diverse, well-developed characters. Also, the best banter ever. And five great ships. LITERALLY MY DREAM SERIES.

Fabulous – a book with the biggest diva

I, like, need to actually finish this book because I kind of gave it an unfair DNF. But from the little bit I’ve read, Evie McNeil is the most dramatic human being on the face of every literary planet. She is basically a 1920s, not-quite-G-rated Sharpay.

Status Quo – a stereotype defying character

Jude Duarte is not your “normal” YA heroine. She’s sly, cunning, and keeps her secrets even from the reader. AND she’s a bit morally ambiguous and not totally heroic. That’s what makes her so likable.

Boys Are Back – the best bromance

the best bromance to ever exist imo.

Jem and Will are…actually I’m not quite sure what they are. They’re parabatai, closer than brothers. Their love for one another is so all-encompassing, and even when it comes to Tessa, they were willing to everything up to each other.

What Time Is It? – best summer read

This is an amazing book no matter the season, but it’s perfect for summer. It’s hard-hitting, but also sweet. And easily bingeable!

Everyday – if you had to look at one book cover every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Just Wanna be with you – a book you couldn’t put down

I COULD NOT put this down. A lot of people thought that this was slow, boring, but not me. I literally read this in the car on the highway for hours. And I get carsick reading.

Scream – a character that frustrated you

Peeta Mellark. I know everyone and their mother’s goldfish adores him…but I don’t. He’s kind of bland to me? And like, there’s this big deal about how he’s strong !! And can throw things !! And yet, he never utilizes that skill in the slightest.

High School Musical – your favourite fictional school

Why Hogwarts, of course. it always baffled me why Harry complained about homework, when he had lived in the Muggle World before. Like, does he not realize that even magical history is better than normal history? The boy had to do math before. Math I tell you.

Humuhumunukuapua’a – the most ridiculous book/scene/character you have ever read

can this entire book count as one scene???

HONESTLY. Haven is, by all accounts, a self-centered idiot. And that scene at the end where she runs dramatically into the woods, wiping tears from her face because “oh no, POOR POOR her” had me laughing because it was so dang ridiculous.

Spring Musical Medley – the happiest ending ever

IT’S NOT A CRIME TO MENTION THE LUNAR CHRONICLES TWICE IN ONE POST. Is it??? Well anyways, the final short story in the Stars Above collection makes my heart sing every time I read it. Is it a little sappy? Yes, but it’s so beautiful at the same time.

So that’s it!

That was my HSM GIF for the post, because I realized I didn’t have one? Whoops? Anyways, tell me the most overdramatic book/scene/character YOU’VE ever experienced?

12 thoughts on “High School Musical Book Tag!! // cuz you are the music in meee

  1. I giggled my way through this post, I love your humor and writing style. Overdramatic? There are certainly plenty, but the most recent one is an ARC of My Summer of Love and Misfortune. The MC was so overly dramatical and ridiculous that *inserts blinking guy meme*

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  2. Ahh.. High School Musical that is such a throwback and I love it!!
    I need to read If We Were Villains, I’m so intrigued!! It is definitely on my TBR!!
    YES the lunar chronicles was amazing and all the characters and ships were awesome!! Also the friendships were wonderful too!!
    You have got a point about Peeta never using his strength, haha!!
    Great post, don’t mind me I’m just going to sing HSM all day now!!

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  3. I actually heard the music as I read the song titles?! Am I this obsessed?! And omg this tag is everything!!!!! And so true: Hogwarts, Infernal Devices, WINTER (omg that book was the best ending to a series ever!!!!) Great tag and answers! and oogggh, Peeta is annoying, but actually Gale also annoys me – both are annoying and unnecessary.

    Liked by 1 person

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