February TBR!!

Hi friends! I debated doing this post because we all know that I’m the worst TBR follower ever* but I want to try my best. Although February is going to be a crazy month haha!

*not kidding. just look at my past tbrs.

I’m slowly reading this and asdfghjkl it’s so freaking good????? It’s magical and rich and lovely. Also so diverse and relatable???? Someone please yell at me to stop using so many question marks. Anyways, this is truly a gorgeous book and I want to be able to share my thoughts on it!

This is my audiobook for the first half of the year. Okay, you’re looking at me weirdly but the Stepsister audiobook took me roughly five months to complete. And it was shorter. But maybe if I try really hard I can finish it this month! So far, I’m not hating it nor loving it. Pro: Ronan is super cool. Con: No Gansey.

This is a Russian-inspired fantasy! I have an e-arc of it, so I want to get it read. All I know about it is that there’s dragons.

and some random school books. so yeah.

That’s it! I’m hoping that by keeping my goal small, I’ll be able to read more. If that makes any sense. Tell me: what are you planning to read in February???

10 thoughts on “February TBR!!

  1. These look super cool!
    I can’t wait to read Call Down the Hawk now, I love Ronan (he is a babey and deserves more love)
    TBR’s are more guidelines, anyway *insert PotC GIF here* 😉
    – Emma

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  2. I hope you enjoy all these books!! I loved The Starless Sea so much, it was perfect and magical! I’m glad you are loving it!
    I’m sorry you aren’t loving CDTH at the moment, hopefully you will enjoy it more soon. If it takes a while it will be alright because you will want the second one straight away, haha!!
    Happy reading!! 🙂

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