Tag Tuesday: Most Anticipated Releases for 2020!! // shadowhunters, magicians, and grilled cheese sandwiches

Hi friends! It’s Tuesday, so you know the drill! Today, we’re discussing most anticpated releases for 2020, and hopefully I’m not that predictable hehe. Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by the wonderful Shanah!!

let’s just skedaddle past this and pretend that it was a surprise okay?

Because I definitely haven’t been screaming about how excited I am for a solid year. And how I adore The Infernal Devices.

OKAY BUT LIKE KIERA CASS WRITES GOOD ROMANCE. I know the Selection series isn;t for everyone, but I personally adored it*! So I mean, another royal romance??? Please give me it now!!

*well…the first three books. as far as i’m concerned the series ended with the one.

One of my ultimate buzzword phrases: magical competition. A unique cast of characters. All magicians. And some are going missing. If this is done right, this could be ine of my favorite books of the year!!

This technically came out a week ago but I’m still highly anticipating reading this!! A modern retelling of You’ve Got Mail, complete with Twitter wars, grilled cheese sandwiches, and all the pop culture references. Sounds like my dream book.

Historical fantasy? Check. Alchemy? Check. A possible curse? Check, check and check again. This sounds like it’ll be super unique!

That’s it! I’m super hyped to read all of these! 2020 looks like it’s shaping up to be a good bookish year. Tell me: are YOU excited for any of these???

18 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Most Anticipated Releases for 2020!! // shadowhunters, magicians, and grilled cheese sandwiches

  1. OMG!!! Great post! And I’m also suuuuper excited for Chain of Gold, who thought huh? And OMG Kiera Cass is writing another romance novel! I didn’t know but just thinking about it makes me happy! I loved the selection series, I didn’t like the fourth book and from there on because it just felt forced (and also weird to see America as a mom?!) and Tweet Cute sounds super cute, I love You’ve got mail, that movie is sooo adorable and therefore I’ll definetely read it!!!

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  2. I can’t wait for Chain Of Gold either!! And the cover is absolutely stunning 😍😍 I also seriously need to get Where Dreams Descend (the Moulin Rogue comparison as well as the magicians instantly caught my attention) and A Golden Fury (because that sounds amazing). I do have the Betrothed on my 2020 TBR too although I’m not sure if I’ll get to it this year as there’s so much else coming out (and I’m a terrible reader lately). And I was unsure about Tweet Cute but a review that I saw today sold me on it (: I hope you end up loving all of these.

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