Thoughts on The Goodreads Choice Awards

Hi friends! I know that this post is super late* but I realized I never discussed the Goodreads Choice Awards this year? So I figured I’d remedy that today!

*i have concluded that it is physically impossible for me to get anything done on time

Best Fiction:

I literally have nothing to say on this. I could wax and wane about how pretty the covers look but that is the extent of my knowledge.

Best Mystery/Thriller:

This is on my list for a lot of reasons: (1) what the heck is a psychotherapist it sounds interesting I wanna be one and (2) I heard that this was incredibly unique and dark. I wasn’t surprised by this one winning, but the runner-up shocked me. It’s a book I’ve never heard of before called My Sister, The Serial Killer and it’s by a black author. I’m surprised I haven’t heard much buzz around that one?

Best Historical Fiction:

I swear I never stop hearing about Taylor Jenkins Reid. Last year it was The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, and now it’s Daisy Jones and The Six. Despite all the hype, I’ve never been very interested in reading her books. Also, I struggle with historical fiction so this category is just sort of “WHAT” to me*.

*i’m not sure if i’m making sense because even i am officially confusing myself. “what” is apparently very descriptive.

Best Fantasy:


The results for this category is kind of shocking to me. I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews for Ninth House, so that was a bit of a surprise. Even more shocking? The Starless Sea is the runner-up. I’m currently reading it and it’s absolutely magical in every way, but it was just released in November. The Red Scrollls of Magic didn’t place as well as I was expecting, considering it’s, ya know, one of the white queens of YA Cassie Clare? This was quite the category in 2019.

Best Romance:

I have zero things to say about this. Absolutely zero. Maybe I should try my hand at romance this year lol.

Best Science Fiction:

I, again, as an uncultured piece of trash*, have read zilch from this category. I am surprised that Blake Crouch outvoted Pierce Brown though???? Dark Age was so big when it came out, I was totally expecting the number one to go to it.

*albeit very nice trash. channeling forky vibes here.

Best Horror:

“This King fellow shows a lot of promise. He should have a bright future.” Shoutout to whoever edited this, because I’m laughing so hard right now. Stephen King won a horror award. That’s probably the most obvious thing I’ll ever say.

(we’re just going to slide right past the next six categories because heaven knows I haven’t read a cookbook or a memoir.)

Best Graphic Novels/Comics:

to be clear, i wrote in The Tea Dragon Festival which didn’t win. I don’t have much to say considering I haven’t read this but I’m very sad TDF didn’t even get nominated, because it is truly a tour de force of graphic novels.

Best Poetry:

I know that this deals with sexual abuse and assault, and I honestly need to read it. Poetry can be so powerful in itself, but especially when it deals with serious topics.

Best Debut Novel:

I am, again, unfit to comment on this category.

Best Young Adult Fiction:

I personally voted for With The Fire On High, but Five Feet Apart has been a huge hit this year what with the movie and everything. I never hauled it but I do own it, and I’m excited to check it out!

Best Young Adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy:

The only one I voted for that actually won!!! I absolutely adored The Wicked King with my whole heart, and I’m so happy that it won. Wayward Son is the runner-up, surprisingly beating out Queen of Air and Darkness.

Best Middle-Grade:

Is anyone else not in the least shocked that Rick Riordan swept the middle-grade category? Cuz I’m sure not. I need to catch up on all of his books tbh!

And that’s it! Clearly, I’m a total failure this year as far as Goodreads is concerned. And I’m perfectly okay with that. Tell me: did you vote? Did your picks win?

17 thoughts on “Thoughts on The Goodreads Choice Awards

  1. Hey, I actually read that My Sister, the Serial Killer as a change from my usual “all Non-fiction” seriousness, and found it enjoyable. It was kind of a hoot since I didn’t have to take it so literally 🙂 I may have read a winner or two elsewhere, but I assure you, it was purely by accident lol. As for finding time for things. With my laptop recently dying and being hundreds of emails behind…I currently don’t give a rip. Until at least March anyway. This is supposed to be fun, I’m not sure why we put so much pressure on ourselves about it, except that we do. I cut my reading contest number back some this year so I can enjoy it more. Thanks for a great post!

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    1. Ah really?? That’s a hilarious coincidence😂😂 I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed it though! That’s a great perspective, there IS too much pressure being put on blogging and reading. I hope everything gets better soon💜💜


  2. Great great post! I can relate to so many of your opinions (and also the ones where you didn’t read the book because neither did I haha). I know, Ninth House had super mixed reviews, I for once didn’t finish it. I don’t know, I did like it, I just didn’t love it enough to continue… And I’m also super happy The Wicked King won, I also voted for that!
    And I’m also not interested to read Daisy Jones and the Six, it’s been super hyped all year, but the plot just isn’t appealing to me…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!💜 LOL well at least we’re not alone haha. Ah, I’m sorry to hear you didn’t love Ninth House, it’s definitely dependent on the person. And yes, wicked king! Same, it doesn’t sound super, idk, unique? Or like my kind of story haha. I wish you the happiest of reading!!

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  3. Yeah, most awards, but especially GR Choice Awards, are just a popularity contest, so I always find it helps to remember that lol. On the one hand I’m surprised Ninth House one too, but then maybe it won on Bardugo’s name alone, she’s so popular. I’m honestly surprised that Circe managed to win last year because I don’t think Madeleine Miller is as popular an author as some of the others that had been nominated. Not saying that Ninth House is a bad book, I haven’t read it, but the opinions on it have been so conflicting it’s a little bit of a shock.

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  4. I am not surprised at all that Rick Riordan swept through again, he honestly made my younger school years bearable.
    I guess I really need to read The Ninth House now!
    I’m glad that you also enjoyed the Wicked King!
    – Emma 🙂

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  5. I didnt vote as my reading went really badly last year and I’d read so few of them that voting felt a bit wrong to me 😂 this year I want to try and read some of the books though and hopefully vote. A fair few of the winners are on my TBR
    And I loved the Wicked King 😍 such a good book.

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      1. I do get that impression at times. I was also kind of surprised by how many titles I didn’t recognize in a few of the groups :L
        I seriously hope Holly Black writes more fae books in the future!!

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