Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Reasons I Rate A Book 5 Stars!! // we’re getting real today

Hi friends! I’m very excited by today’s Top 5 Tuesday topic (hosted by Shanah as always!) because this is more of a discussion post. So let’s get started!

Number One: um…the ending

Okay, yes, that’s weird. But I can dislike a book all the way through, and if that ending hits harder than a milkshake, then I’m sold. I have to be shocked, crying, or mindblowingly happy for this to actually work. The best endings are highkey probably worth three stars all on their own. I’m a mess.

The ending was actually a huge part of why I enjoyed Strange the Dreamer so much!

Number Two: Emotion!

I have to feel when I’m reading a book. There has to be this overwhelming tide of emotion, of tears and joy and sadness and fear and love and hope. I’m not quite sure how else to explain it.

Number Three: The Characters!

I have to feel a connection to the characters. There are so many cut-and-dry YA characters, often white, sassy beyond reason and strangely enough, naturally good at everything, that I can’t help but not feel very connected to them. But if I do find those characters to adopt with my whole heart? The rating goes waaaaay up.

This is old news for most of y’all, but I am in head-over-heels in love with the characters in The Infernal Devices. Just…they are worth every star to ever exist. I also absolutely adore the squad in The Raven Cycle! Honestly, they’re the only reason I pushed through that series.

Number Four: yeah, it is occasionally subjective.

Because I can’t totally ignore the depth and themes of a book. If I can objectively see why a book is good, then I’ll usually up my rating quite a bit.

Number Five: …tbh it depends on my mood.

I don’t mean that like I don’t care or think about what I’m rating a book. It simply comes down to how I’m feeling that day. One five-star may be totally different from another (and you can usually tell which ones I prefer by how often they appear in my posts lol) often just by the circumstances surrounding my reading experience.

And that’s it! This was more of me just talking, but hopefully it was fun for you to read! Clearly, I’m not a very intellectual reader haha. Tell me: what makes YOU want to rate a book 5 stars?

25 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Reasons I Rate A Book 5 Stars!! // we’re getting real today

  1. Great post!!! And you are sooo right!!! The ending is one of the most important things in the book, it’s where my nerves get high and I can’t do anything else!!!! And yes, it so has to do with the mood you’re in…. Happy reading!

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  2. I agree with all of these, especially about the endings! An ending can make or break a book, especially if the middle and beginning chapters were shakey.
    Awesome post Kaya!
    – Emma 🙂

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  3. I totally agree with you about endings! If I can make it through the beginning and an ending is phenomenal I can forgive a lot. And yes on mood!!! I am a complete mood reader and I feel what you said so much. Sometimes a book is great and I’m just not in the right head space for it. Great post!

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  4. I think for me subjectivity is probably the biggest factor. If the book makes me happy, or just felt like it was perfectly written for me, there’s a pretty good chance it will get 5 stars. In more objective terms, the characters and the writing style play a big part in how much I enjoy a book. I adore purple prose, so beautiful, flowery writing always works in a book’s favor. And when there are emotional and complex characters and relationships, even if there’s barely a plot, I’m very likely to give a book 5 stars as well.

    Great post! It’s always so interesting to see what other people look for most when they read a book!

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    1. I totally agree!! Emotion plays a huge role in the rating. And yes yes yes! Purple prose is amazing! That’s so interesting about the characters, I love hearing people discuss whether they prefer character or plot driven books.

      Thank you!! I wish you the loveliest of reading💜


  5. Okay, you are EXACTLY RIGHT about the ending having an impact on the rating. I didn’t include that in my own post, but it really does affect things. If the rest was good but the author didn’t stick the landing, it will show up in the rating.

    And mood rating? Dangerously real. I try to avoid it, but I’m pretty sure a little bit of it sneaks in all the same. 😂

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  6. Great post, endings can definitely make or break a book. I think another one for me is also the writing though. Some books are just so beautifully written that it’s hard not to love them. And the world, at least with fantasy. Usually if I love one of those books I find myself wanting more of that world.


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