Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Books I NEED To Read in 2020! // the new releases edition!

Hi friends! I’m so excited that Top 5 Tuesday, hosted by Shanah, is back! For today’s topic, I decided to only go with 2020 releases because…I don’t really want to think about what a failure of a backlist reader I am*. So let’s do this!

*my two key motivations for life: laziness and procrastination. thank you for coming to my ted talk.

Instead of talking about how I still haven’t read Lord of Shadows, let’s talk about how FREAKING EXCITED I AM FOR THIS. Something in me instantly connected to James Herondale and I want to experience his story. The Infernal Devices is also my favorite trilogy of all-time. I CAN’T EVEN TYPE OR THINK I’M SO HAPPY. Also the cover is, in my opinion, the most gorgeous of all of them so far.

Everything about this sounds absolutely adorable. Grilled cheese! Twitter wars! All in the vein of You’ve Got Mail. If I don’t pick this up within the next twelve months, I’ll glare sulkily at myself in the mirror.

Okay but people becoming immortal representations of seasons? And having to kill the season that comes before them? And the best plot twist of all: Winter and Spring falling in love? I AM FULLY PREPARED TO RATE THIS FIVE STARS.

This is a novel tackling the oppression of the justice system, and the awfulness of racism. We will always, always need more books like this, for as long as America is prejudiced. This will probably be hard-hitting, searing, blinding. I need to read it right now.

I fell on the “LOVED IT MORE THAN EVERY HEART A DOORWAY” side of the Down Among The Sticks and Bone crowd. Knowing that this follows the same characters, combined with McGuire’s beautiful writing, makes me so excited!

That’s it! Talk to me: what books do you need to read in 2020? Are there any new releases youre excited for?

13 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Books I NEED To Read in 2020! // the new releases edition!

  1. Your second paragraph had me in stitches. I resonate with that so much 😛 I’m definitely a fan of Chain of Gold’s cover.. it’s the prettiest of them all! I hadn’t heard of Seasons of the Storm before but the idea is so interesting. I’m going to keep an eye out for it! Awesome post Kaya

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  2. I think there are about 70 2020 releases that I NEED to read so that’s never going to happen 😂 I love the sound Seasons Of The Storm though and 100% agree about it being the best cover yet. I kind of want the leaves in the hair to sparkle. I also really want to reread Infernal Devices before it comes out as my memories of it are hopelessly hazy. It’s definitely a book I need though.

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