2019 Wrap-Up // why i went on hiatus, my stats, and how i’ve changed (for the better!)

Hi friends! I’m very thankful that another year has gone by and we’re all here together. I’m so, so very thankful for each and everyone one of you who has made my life a brighter place. I hope that you are especially blessed in 2020! To wrap things up, I wanted to give my honest thoughts on why I went on hiatus, then do a run-through of blogging/reading stats, and end with a quick blurb on how I’ve changed as a person and what that means for the blog. This might be long, but I hope that you enjoy!

why did i go on hiatus?

For those who don’t know, I started 2019 strong with posting constantly, then it drastically became sporadic in February until I officially announced a hiatus in March, which extended to April (we’re talking two posts in April. TWO) until I posted quite a bit in the summer months. However, I didn’t truly come back into blogging until late July. Why?

all of you @ me right now

To start with, school. There’s something about being forced to constantly read textbooks, memorize information by staring at words hoping that they’ll one day make sense, and reading/analyzing “classics” that are often poor excuses for literature, that takes away one’s want to read. It’s always been ironic to me that the education system, in the process of attempting to make you want to read, proceeds to take away your love and time for reading.

but it’s a little more complicated than just school.

You see, even throughout all the school bit, I still read for bed each night. It was a habit I’d maintained since I was seven years old, and not even the pressure and stress of studying could break it. Until I fell down a hole. Not a literal hole, this is rather metaphorical. You see, this new thing I found? It broke a habit in two weeks that not even the education system had managed to break for eight years. Two weeks. I wasn’t reading, wasn’t blogging, and the time I’d formerly spent reading was now dedicated to watching every video possible. Yes, I am in fact talking about the band BTS who literally came out of left field into my life for seemingly no reason.

but don’t write me off yet!!!

I’ve come to realize that, as in almost every aspect of my life, they’ve truly improved my reading life. At first, for months I felt physically sick at the thought of reading or blogging because I’d lost interest. But in late July, I found my passion again, and it was bigger, brighter, and better than ever before. My goals were totally different now too. All I wanted was to read books with diverse characters. To read manga as close to the original source as possible. To consume graphic novels and books totally outside of my comfort zone. So maybe finding the boys was a bit of a double-edged knife as far as reading and blogging go, but I feel like I haven’t been as open and genuine in the history of blogging. So yeah, that’s my story!

my 2019 reading stats!

Ever since I saw Melanie rave about this amazing spreadsheet that Brock created, I’ve decided to make use of spreadsheets to track my stats. I’ll be going over a couple of the charts and my thoughts on my end-of-year summaries, but not all of them because I honestly don’t have the time haha. If you want the spreadsheet for your own use, Brock has a video up on his YT page with the link and explanation!

I was actually kind of shocked at how low my fantasy percentage was last year (don’t laugh 43% IS low for me).

My manga ratio is LOW but at the same time a lot higher than 2018. I know that because I read exactly one manga in 2018.

Due to me reading more contempories than normal, I guess I’ve really stayed within the 300 range? I knew I should have read Order of the Phoenix.

I keep thinking I’m becoming a more critical reader but apparently not???? Why do I have so many five-stars?????? SURELY SOME OF THOSE DIDN’T DESERVE FIVE STARS.

let’s just ignore march.

August was the month for me. It was me participating in readathons, and becoming inspired, and considerably less distracted by other things. It was probably the first and only month in 2019 where my love for reading overshadowed everything else. Of course, then school popped along and broke everyone’s heart.

I’m happy I was able to read from and support so many female authors but wow. The discrepancy between male and female could maybe be lowered in 2020. Just a bit.

Since I didn’t read as much fantasy in 2019 as I usually do, there isn’t quite as big a percentage of ensemble. I’m pretty shocked at the amount of male leading characters*.

*mainly because right now i can only remember two

well. this is embarrassing.

I know for a fact that most of the “adult” books are just classics I read for school. Do I really read that much YA? Um…guess we’ll have to be a little less clingy to that particular section in the new year.

Okay okay, this is also embarrassing. Most of the books I read were by US authors. I mean, just because the only language I understand is English* doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be better about reading translated books. I literally read one Korean webtoon, a handful of Japanese manga, and two novels from Australia. I am very much a failure.

*and even then i only understand it half the time

this has become downright humiliating.

I was a tiny bit confused, because most books that had diversity were usually a combo of LGTBQ and race, so I put combo. In my (useless) defense, half the none category is because of school. The amount of stuffy white classics is unbelievable.

This stat shocked me. Usually, I’m more of a series person. I’m always reading that first book or a random sequel or something. Standalones aren’t really my forte. But apparently they were in 2019.

Those were really just the highlights of my stats! I want to be better about tracking things like DNFs, new releases, and hauled books this year because I think those are really interesting. If you want this spreadsheet, don’t forget to click the link above!

finally, what changes will be made on the blog?

I KNOW I had stuff to say but I uh…can’t quite remember. So we’re winging it cuz this really needs to get posted and not forgotten in the drafts section. I think the biggest thing is that I really want to push myself as far out of my comfort zone as possible with blogging. I want to explore different topics, and maybe make this more of a reflection of me as a whole person, rather than simply one aspect of my personality. So that means you might be seeing movie and music stuff, possibly clothing and life hacks posts, and maybe even the occasional makeup blurb. I hope that this doesn’t deter you from reading, and that you’re just as excited as me to embark on a new journey!!

7 thoughts on “2019 Wrap-Up // why i went on hiatus, my stats, and how i’ve changed (for the better!)

  1. You read a good mix of things, better variety than me! Don’t stress about hiatus, sometimes you just need a break, it happens! I’m sure I’ll need to take a bit of an extended break at some point myself. Hope you have a great 2020. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You shouldn’t be hard on yourself for needing to take a break. You need to prioritise yourself and sometimes breaks can help with productivity. You did so well with reading and I thought you read so many genres this year!! I loved seeing all your charts as well!!
    I can’t wait to see your blog in 2020 and I look forward to your posts!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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