Most Anticipated January 2020 Releases! // this first month of a new decade is promising…

Hi friends! I can’t believe we’re already talking about January 2020 releases. It’ll have been a whole freaking year since The Wicked King came out even though it totally doesn’t feel like it? I’m shook, my friends. Anyways, these are my personal most anticipated releases for the month!

January The 7th!

This Light Between Us by Andrew Fukawa | Okay, I don’t usually read historical fiction but this literally features a Japanese-American boy sending letters to a French-Jewish girl in the midst of World War II. I don’t know anything else but I’m already sold!

Just Breathe by Cammie McGovern | This is a novel supposedly following in the footsteps of Five Feet Apart, but while one character deals with cystic fibrosis, the other deals with depression. I’m really interested to see how this one works out!

Scavenge The Stars by Tara Sim | A gender-bent Count of Monte Christo retelling. I’m screaming.

Lie To Me by Kaitlin Ward | YA mystery-thrillers are always very hit-or-miss for me* but this one deals with secrets and serial killers. So it’s not really that special but I’m always drawn to a good book about serial killers. Although they terrify me.

*more miss than hit usually, if we’re being honest

Come Tumbling Down by Seanan McGuire | This apparently directly follows from Down Among The Sticks and Bones (which I absolutely adored by the way!) so I’m lowkey anticipating this one even though I haven’t caught up with the series yet.

The Map From Here To There by Emery Lord | This is about a high-schooler whose life is perfect, and she doesn’t want to lose anything as she prepares to graduate. This just seems realistic and timely, especially for me and my circumstances right now.

Woven In Moonlight by Isabel Ibanez | This might just be my most anticipated read of the month! Bolivian-inspired books is something I’ve unfortunately never read but this seems like a great first pick. I mean, masked vigilante in a rich culturally-inspired world? Can’t go wrong with that!

January The 14th

Beyond The Shadowed Earth by Joanna Ruth Meyer | I’m pretty sure that this involves a morally grey main character, which I’m weirdly always here for. Anyways, deals with prices and labyrinths sounds amazing!

Lucky Caller by Emma Mills | I think that this is about a radio broadcasting gone wrong? Which leads to chaos! And inevitable romance! Somehow. The cover is beautiful, and different from Emma Mill’s previous books.

January The 21st!

Not So Pure And Simple by Lamar Giles | This looks like it will feature an important story, discussing gender and racial roles, while tacking toxic masculinity. I’m super excited for this one!

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord | An updated, book-form of You’ve Got Mail? Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how such a simple premise can make me so ridiculously excited.

January The 28th

Blood Countess by Lana Popovic | A GENDER-BENT HISTORICAL YA HORROR RETELLING OF DRACULA*. I’m freaking out give me all dark stories!

*looking back, i’m not entirely sure if all of those words make sense together

A Castle In The Clouds by Kerstin Gier | A wintery story set in the Swiss mountains? I may be wrong but I’m assuming that this will be perfect to help get over that post-Christmas blues and straight out of the depths of stone-cold, snowy wintery sadness.

Diamond City by Francesca Flores | “has to win a game of murder and conspiracy”. And the main character is an assassin. I will never get tired of these kinds of stories.

Seven Deadly Shadows by Courtney Alamada and Valynne E. Maetani | I’ve been blessed to read this one early, and it is absolutely brimming with Japanese culture! It truly does read like an anime plays out, and I’m excited to talk about it with everyone!

And that’s it! There were a LOT of books on here and that’s with me narrowing down. I’m more shocked at the amount of contemporary on this list if we’re being honest. Talk to me! What are your most anticipated January releases? Do any of these sound interesting to you?

12 thoughts on “Most Anticipated January 2020 Releases! // this first month of a new decade is promising…

  1. So many great books coming out in January!!
    Scavenge the Stars and Woven in Moonlight both sound amazing and I can’t wait to read them!! And both of their covers are amazing!!
    I’m also heard a lot of good things about Tweet Cute already !!
    I would love to read Emma Mills books too, all the new covers are adorable!! *heart eyes*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 2020 has so many amazing sounding releases coming out. Especially in March…my anticipated reads for then is already ridiculous 😅
    There are a lot of fantastic sounding books here. I’m most excited for Blood Countess which I literally can not wait for and Diamond City. A lot of these are on my TBR though and I honestly don’t know how I’ll ever read them all 🙈 I’m thrilled to hear that you’ve already read and enjoyed one though. And I hope you get to read, and love, the rest as well.

    Liked by 1 person

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