The Best Christmas Movies Ever! // there are no others options i am so sorry

Hi friends! Today we’re talking about the best Christmas movies because when the chestnuts start roasting on an open fire and Jack Frost starts nipping at your nose, the only thing you want to do is curl up with some eggnog, fuzzy blankets, and your favorite people in the world to watch the (superior ) Christmas movies.

So maybe this movie is entirely unrealistic and would never have actually happened. This has got to be one of the most entertaining movies ever. Like, who doesn’t want to watch Kevin formulate an extremely complex plan to torture robbers? What a classic.

Another classic! Ralphie’s fight to get a BB gun for Christmas, and the random events leading up to Christmas Day are hilarious, and ultimately such a great story of a holiday for an average American family at the time.

Okay but I just realized/found out this year that Tom Hanks is the conductor in this movie. The Toy Story movies and this one were my childhood and I don’t why I never made the connection. Anyways, this movie is more of the crying sort, and it’s so nostalgic to me for so many reasons. You’re lying if you say that you don’t finish this movie with a renewed sense of holiday spirit.

I saved the best for last, because this is my absolute favorite Christmas movie ever! Buddy the Elf is a legend. I literally roll with laughter watching this movie every time. It’s cute and heartwarming and hilarious.Not for everyone but I personally adore it!

So that’s it! What are your favorite Christmas movies ever?

21 thoughts on “The Best Christmas Movies Ever! // there are no others options i am so sorry

  1. Ahh.. Elf is one of my favourites ever!! I think it captures the Christmas spirit so well and it makes me feel so happy!! The plot is perfect!! I haven’t watched it this year yet and I need to change that ASAP!!
    I’ve never watched A Christmas Story! But maybe I should!!
    Lovely post!!! 🙂

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  2. I have a funny memory from Home Alone. My son was young and impressionable when he saw it for the first time. Unfortunately around then I was in a cast with a broken ankle and on crutches. I had one heck of a time dodging all of the booby traps he set up around the house after seeing that movie! I tried to use his bathroom one day as it was closer, and ran into fishing line strung all over, with hooks at random places, even, mind you, strung between the toilet and the towel bar across from it. I had to give up and go use the other bathroom, needless to say! That movie had quite an effect on him and doubtless millions of other kids around his age. Today is his 35th birthday, had me thinking about it, I guess.

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  3. Ive never got into Elf but I love Home Alone, especially the second one. I also love Miracle On 34th Street and Love Actually. I somehow havent ever seen the Polar Express 🤔 no idea how as I do generally watch a few Christmas movies each year.

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      1. I agree (: and I hope that you get a chance to watch it, it really is amazing ☺️ I need to watch it again soon actually. I really don’t know how I’ve never seen it 😅 and thank you, I’ve had a lovely time so far. I hope you’re having a lovely holiday too ❤️

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