Thoughts on Some Recent Cover Reveals! // ft. the brutally honest opinions no one asked for

Hi friends! I’m here for a random post with my random thoughts about random cover reveals. So let’s do this!

I’m just going to say it: this cover highkey sucks.

Suzanne Collins is arguably one of THE most influential authors of our day and age, if not all-time, and after dropping off the face of the earth she makes her glorious return to…what? A 1970s hypnotist’s worst nightmare? Lemme show y’all something:

Now THESE are the gorgeous 10th anniversary editions of The Hunger Games trilogy. There’s no blocky font, uninteresting circles as backgrounds, and a weird pin at the forefront of it all. Needless to say, I’m disappointed.

After the sheer atrocity of that last book, I’m so happy to state the obvious:


Purple is my favorite color (along with blue) and the hazy, atmosphere of it along with all the fall-y colors is making me feel things. This reminds me of twilight* and dusk and Aladdin. I love it so much.

*the time of day, NOT the book. just sayin.

I’ve never been a fan of these covers.

The font always seems too blocky, and the models kind of awkwardly positioned. Plus, they like to make eye contact and I don’t do eye contact*. But I actually don’t entirely dislike this! Okay sure, the eye contact is still freaking me out but the model fits the concept and background pretty well.

*sometimes i’ll be watching a live and someone will make eye contact with the camera and i blush and look away. how do i even do life smh

you’re lying if you say that this isn’t one of the most gorgeous covers you’ve ever seen.

The red is royal and lush! The person on the front looks so cool, like mask + sword + gown = a leading lady we’re all ready to support. I also love how the font slowly becomes more and more 3D with each word. And the little dots of light! Like starry chandeliers!

I love the cultural imagery on the cover! There’s so much detail and I’m getting ALL the Mulan vibes! But I do wish that it was a little more…eye-pleasing. It’s probably just me because I’m not the biggest fan of all the reds and oranges. I also kind of wish the font was a tiny bit thicker but that’s about it.

This is one of those covers that I think totally depends on the texture. Like, I can see myself liking it more if the lettering and some of the 3D elements were raised! However, right now, it just feels kind of…unmemorable. I’m already mixing it up with at least two other covers in my head.

this series has some creepy covers.

But I honestly love them. They’re so unique and do a fantastic job of capturing the viwer’s undivided attention. I haven’t read Gideon The Ninth yet but from what I know of it, I think that the cover really does tell quite a bit about the book.

And that’s it! Hopefully this was *ahem* somewhat entertaining. Talk to me about your thoughts on all of these!

13 thoughts on “Thoughts on Some Recent Cover Reveals! // ft. the brutally honest opinions no one asked for

  1. I love looking at covers (: and I literally can not wait for Where Dreams Descend. It sounds amazing (if I’m remembering the right 2020 release but I think I am 😂) I love the Catching Fire cover 😍 ooh that could actually work for me actually. It’s my favourite book of the series yet the one that I don’t own 🙈 I actually really like the cover for The Notorious Virtues and I do quite like We Free The Stars too, I just hope the purples slightly less dark than it looks as then it’ll probably look better next to the previous book on a shelf.

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  2. Awesome idea! Suzanne Collins’ new cover definitely is awful, but the 10 year editions are truly gorgeous! And I’ve also never understood The Lady Janies covers… I generally dislike “real” people on the covers (I know a lot of people adore that), I really liked the paperback cover with D as a horse haha! Happy reading!

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  3. I agree with you on every thing you said here. I am not a fan of those Jane covers either, not sure who they’re trying to market to but I think they’re a mess lol. It’s a shame because I LOVED My Lady Jane, it’s such a fun book.

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