October Wrap-Up! // too many movies and not enough books

Hi friends! It’s me, back again to rant about how quickly the months are flying by and how slowly school is crawling along. But I’m here with a wrap-up! Okay, so it’s kind of disappointing book-wise. To be honest, I should probably have traded in a movie or two and maybe have read at least one more book but it’s cool!


Robinson Crusoe | I shall be a woman of few words and say give you a small run-down of my thoughts: boring, racist, and anti-climatic.

In The Hall With The Knife | I actually really enjoyed this! It was the perfect mix of references to the original CLUE, yet it still held it’s own with a unique plot. Add a dynamic cast of characters with secrets and you’ve got a great 4 star mystery rec from me!

Pride and Prejudice | This is one of, if not THE most hyped classic ever. And I’m so excited to say that I loved it! Jane Austen knew her craft well. 5/5 stars!


  • I’ve been enjoying The Masked Singer a lot recently! I totally suck at guessing but at least it’s always a surprise, ya know?
  • I watched Scream 2 and I guessed some things!!! And other things I…most certainly did not. At least there was some diversity in this film.
  • Also! Mamma Mia finally happened! So…I guess y’all know which soundtrack has been on repeat lol
  • Oh! And Unbreakable, which was highkey haunting. Not in a bad way, but there was just something about the humanity of the story that left me thinking.
  • You’ll probably all be incredibly mad but I’ve never seen Mean Girls. Until now. Honestly, what a classic! I’m mad at myself for not having watched it before because it was hilarious and entertaining and now I finally understand (a) what I’ve been quoting all this time and (b) the thank u next music video.
  • Also for the first time I watched Pride and Prejudice (the Kiera Knightley version) and it was pretty good! Although Mr. Darcy could use an *ahem* glow-up.
  • I WATCHED MY FIRST EVER STUDIO GHIBLI AND IT WAS EVERYTHING!!! Spirited Away was original and funny and heartwarming and kinda intense. Honestly, Disney could never.
  • And I rewatched IT. And no, I still haven’t seen the second one…haha.


  • Lauv released another new single (do I say this every month?) and revealed the release date of his album!!!!!
  • And TXT released their first ever full-length album, and their second album ever. It was so good, from the title track being spectacularly magical with rock sounds, to a bright, pop-centered song, to a lovely ballad that slips into an RNB anthem.

And that’s it! I really wish I had more to report but that was my month. Tell me how yours went? Any new favorites?!

17 thoughts on “October Wrap-Up! // too many movies and not enough books

      1. I highly recommend it. It is about a boy and a girl swapping bodies through dreaming (they live in separate timelines). I know how it sounds, but it is actually very beautiful, clever and moving. It was one of the best things I have ever watched.

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    1. Thank you! I enjoyed it, it was a nice, entertaining read without *too* much thinking required lol. I hope you love it if you check it out💜
      I really enjoyed it! Their title track really stood out as unique to me, and they have an RNB song that I adored. I definitely think that it’s an improvement on their debut EP!


  1. Now you will get all the mean girl refrences in Thank You Next by Ariana Grande lol Ive watched some clips from the Masked Singer on Youtube and its looks great

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