September Movie Round-Ups Pt. 2 // Scream, Snowpiercer, and Big!

Hi friends! Yes, I am INDEED back to share my opinions (the ones that no one asked for) on movies (that probably came out forever ago and I should have seen but haha no). So let’s goooooo!

Ah, Snowpiercer. A film based off of a French story, directed by a Korean director, and featuring the acting talent of Chris Evans and Octavia Spencer. Ironically, it is one of the most underrated movies I think I’ve ever seen. Sue me but I’ve never really liked Captain America (I’M SORRY BUT IT HAD TO BE SAID). Evans pulls off an insanely emotional performance here, rivaling that of his most famous role. This entire movie revolves around the idea that Earth froze and all of society is packed into this train, with the lower classes being oppressed, so Curtis (our main character) attempts to lead the lower class and fight their way to the front. This is a film that captures the intense, thought-provoking, shocking, and intricate complexity of what it means to be human. I was so impressed by the directing choices! We also got two Korean speaking characters, and the language translation was done well. All in all, this is a movie that should have gotten much more hype than it did! I don’t think I paid it the proper amount of attention (cough…Twitter cough cough) but from an objective viewpoint, this is a movie that tackles the themes of oppression, survival, and humanity in an all too real way. 8/10 for me, but objectively a 9.5!

Okay but what is up with the character positioning on this poster? WHY IS THAT GIRL IN FRONT. SHE AIN’T THE MAIN CHARACTER. Anyways, I enjoyed this! I jumped once or twice, and it was super intense. Thriller movies are totally hit-or-miss. But Scream does an excellent job of balancing likable (and…not so unlikable) characters, while keeping you in constant suspense as to the identity of the killer the whole time. I mean, I was laughing at some of the dumb logic and hilariously awful special effects but what can ya do. Of course, there was a terrible lack of diversity, and I didn’t agree with some of the things said and done but generally, this was a fun slasher movie! I’d really recommend this if you’re not big on horror movies and just want something kinda intense. 7.5/10 On The Popcorn Scale!

My friend is highkey in love with Tom Hanks (young Tom Hanks lol). So of course she made me and my other friend watch this! It’s a comedy centering around a boy who wishes to be big/old, and guess what? His wish comes true! It’s actually rather heartwarming, the focus on the preservation of imagination and childhood. And Tom Hanks’s character has a Giants sweatshirt! That’s my team! But in all seriousness, this was a nice, chill comedy. Not overly serious, not overly funny, just a light stroll in the park rather than a marathon in a hurricane. A 6.5/10!

And that’s it! Tell me if you’ve seen any of these movies!!

7 thoughts on “September Movie Round-Ups Pt. 2 // Scream, Snowpiercer, and Big!

  1. YES I LOVED READING YOUR THOUGHTS SO MUCH!! I haven’t watched Snowpiercer as I normally like happier films but whenever I watched a serious, emotional film I am always reminded how good there are and that I should make me time for them. This definitely sounds like an interesting idea and I’m so happy you enjoyed it. I will have to watch it one day!! Also *gasp* you don’t like Captain America?!?! Only joking, I don’t mind and I can see why not everyone likes him.
    YES I always thought that about the scream posters, they always put the girls from the start at the front of the poster, like why?!?! I quite like the scream movies but I don’t take them very seriously.
    And Big is a fun, sweet movie!! I like the piano scene (like everyone else lol)!! Great post!!

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    1. Awww, thank you so much, that means the world to me!💜💜
      I feel that way too! I like happiness in my movies haha. If you do check it out I hope you end up enjoying it (and it’s not TOO sad!).
      IKR. It makes no sense! And same here, they’re just super entertaining without being technically good.
      Aww yes! The piano scene is so cute!

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