My September Movie Round-Up Reviews Pt. 1 // Isn’t It Romantic, Detective Pikachu, and Train To Busan!

Hi friends! I’m here to review three of the movies I watched in September, with the others coming in part two soon!

Another romantic comedy. I swear a billion of those exist already but that’s fine. Listen, I’m no rom-com expert but I actually really enjoyed this movie. It’s a satire, totally making fun of movies like 13 Going on 30 or Sleepless in Seattle. Making fun of tropes and then proceeding to use said tropes as a joke is my new favorite thing! It was amazing having a plus-size female as the lead, and the message of the movie was really not bad. Will some people see it as dumb, contrived, unoriginal? Probably. But I found it to be an entertaining ride full of laughs and cute moments! 8.5/10 On The Scale I Haven’t Named Yet.

Yeah yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking: really Kaya? Pokémon? First of all, that was my childhood OKAY. And second of all, I actually liked this. Ryan Reynolds makes for one hilarious Pikachu. The plot of the movie was not so much mystery-focused, but rather the mystery played into the bigger scheme of things. I’ll admit to being happily blindsided by some of the twists, and not-so-happily thrown off by some of the *ahem* special animation and directing choices. Though, it was a pleasant surprise to see a biracial lead! Especially because he’s half-black and half-white! Again, a lot of the jokes were pretty funny. The plot didn’t altogether suck. All in all, Detective Pikachu is a nice chill movie to watch when you’re not in the mood for Disney. 6.5/10 On That Scale I Really Need To Name.

Zombie movies. Something sorely overdone in media, and something I’ve honestly never really experienced before, simply because they don’t interest me. But I wanted to stick with my resolution of watching one international movie a month, decided on this, and never looked back. Train To Busan is amazing. You’re instantly attached to an eccentric cast of characters, and are immediately rooting for them. It starts as a story of a father trying to protect his daughter, and it only grows from there. The movie’s pacing is perfect! I literally could not breathe for three fourths of the movie because it was so intense. For a zombie movie that mostly takes place on a train, there’s a surprising amount of suspense and a shocking lack of boredom. Also, a lot of tears were spilled watching this. A lot. I would honestly recommend watching this even if you hate zombies because it’s just genuinely a good movie. And you’re exposed to a lot of Korean culture, which here in the U.S. (at least where I live) isn’t as common! 10/10 on The Scale That I’m Clearly Too Lazy To Name Before This Post Goes Up.

And that’s it for part one! I hope you enjoyed these movie reviews, even if they’re not bookish related haha. Have you seen any of these?


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