Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Fall Reading Recs!

Hi friends! I’m so excited because today’s topic is reminding me that’s fall. AKA the best season of the year, with sweaters and pumpkins and spicy apple things. You know what I’m talking about. But we’re here right now to talk about fall reading recs, and Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by the lovely Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm!

So maybe this is a little predictable. But I read this last year for Friday Fright-A-Thon and I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. There’s something about the atmosphere of this book, combined with the spookiness of the Halloween season and the general vibe of fall, made this book 1000000X better than I could ever put into words. Now’s the perfect time to read this, if you haven’t yet!

Honestly, sometimes I just want to read middle-grade fantasy in fall. And there’s something so warm about this one! It’s basically like reading almost Harry Potter so when winter rolls around you can actually read Harry Potter. That made no sense but ya know what, it’s been that kind of day.

y’all are probably a lil confused right about now.

But listen! My mind associates this book with October and road trips and pumpkin spice lattes, because that’s what was happening while reading this. You might be shaking your head disagreeing with my every word but hey at least I didn’t pick Twilight*.

*although now that you mention it…

I’m telling you, there’s SOMETHING about middle-grade fantasy! This is deliciously dark, making it the perfect transition from summer to winter. Also there’s princes and fairy tales and witches and magic.

OKAY YES I DO KNOW I’M BEING PREDICTABLE AGAIN. But how could I not pick it? A little spooky, a little creepy, and a lot funny. And a ship to scream forever about. Honestly, out of all the books on this list, I’d say that this was made for fall the most!

And that’s it! It was a little harder picking than I thought it would be, because I honestly just naturally associate most books with the season I read them in. Am I the only one? Drop your favorite fall reading recs below!

26 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Fall Reading Recs!

  1. Your choices are literally the best! Sorry for commenting so late haha! I was on an excursion with school (don’t ask, it was horrible haha)!
    I also LOVED If We Were Villains, it’s THE ABSOLUTE best read for fall! And Throne of Glass is also perfect! And even though I haven’t (yet) read Lockwood, I 100% believe you!
    Happy reading and have a great fall!

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