August Book Haul!

Hi friends! I’m here with a book haul that’s all over the place but that’s fine. What matters is the books, and I’m so excited to share what I have with you!


My Review | I only bought one book which is pretty good for me tbh. I never buy books because guess who has a money saving problem and literally feels guilty for buying Dippin Dots! Yeah me. But this was at an independent bookstore, was priced cheaper than on Amazon, and well I wanted to show my support*. This ended up being absolutely incredible! So powerful, and raw and real.

*while saving my wallet

borrowed from the library

With The Fire On High | THIS IS EVERYTHING TO ME OKAY. I randomly got the urge to read this, picked it up at the library, and proceeded to become obsessed within about fifteen pages. It’s basically a love letter to food and family, what more could I have asked for?

This Adventure Ends | Emma Mills is one of those contemporary authors that I hear about all the time but always forget about because I suck at reading contemporaries. But I made the plunge! I borrowed the book! Now I just have to read it…

Yona of the Dawn Volume 4 | I’m making an effort to continue with this manga series before I fall behind*. I’m enjoying my time with these! The artowork is absolutely gorgeous.

*unlike me with CASSIE CLARE’S BOOKS cough cough

The Gilded Wolves | This was everywhere in January and obviously I didn’t pick it up. I think this involves puzzles, a cool crew, and I mean it has a pretty cover! Sooo maybe I gave into the hype a little.

The Kingdom | Did someone say dark Disney theme park with robots and murder mysteries? My Once Upon A Time stan heart is screaming.

The Beast Player | I know very little about this one but I’ve made it a goal to read more translated books! And this was translated from Japanese so I’m super excited.


Tiger Queen | I’m actually on the blog tour for this!! I’m already halfway through and so far it’s amazing. Watch me hype it up for the next couple of months. Thank you Blink YA Books!

Seven Deadly Shadows | I’m pretty sure that this is a urban fantasy inspired by Japanese mythology. I saw the words “shinigami”, thought “RYUK” and never looked back. A huge thank you to Harper Teen for this one!

Don’t Call The Wolf | DRAGONS. I needed to hear nothing else. Thanks again Harper Teen!

borrowed from friends

I borrowed this from a friend and it was so freaking good. The abuse was definitely hard to read, but I think that Drews handled the intense subject matter very well. Also there was cute romance and cake and music, so now I’m trash.

And that’s it! Tell me: have you read any of these? Which should I read first (or reread hmm). What books did you haul this month?

21 thoughts on “August Book Haul!

  1. This sounds like such a great summer! The book you bought at the independent bookstore looks ADORABLE – I haven’t heard of it but the cover is gorgeous!!! I love the simple black and white and the cute “typewriter” kind of title haha!
    And I’ve heard so much about The Gilded Wolves (yes, you are absolutely right about the hype haha)! I haven’t really looked into it before (because, as you said, it was everywhere…), but it having a cool crew suddenly makes it interesting, so I’ll look into it!!
    Awesome post and happy reading!!!

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  2. The Kingdom was a lot of fun, hope you enjoy! I’ve had a copy of WITH THE FIRE ON HIGH, I reeeeallly need to move it to the top of my stack. I think one of my goals for next year is to make sure I leave room for contemporary YA, I’m starting to collect a backlog of ones I mean to read, but I always prioritize SF/F.

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  3. “It’s basically a love letter to food and family” I really need to read With The Fire On High because it sounds amazing!!
    I have also been meaning to check out Emma Mills books because I have heard a lot of good things!!
    The Gilded Wolves is a book I’ve heard mixed things about but I am very excited to get to it!!
    I’m glad you enjoyed A Thousand Perfect Notes– I need to read this books as well (haha basically I need to read all these books)!!
    Happy Reading!! ❤

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  4. Yay! I’m glad to see that you had a good August haul!
    I am loving the Princess Saves Herself in This One – it is so strong!
    It is rather dark but Amanda Lovelace has made me (slightly?) more confident 🙂
    – Emma 🙂

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  5. What a great haul! I wanted to read With the Fire On High already, but now…. well I want to read it 200 times more haha, it sounds so good! and ahh I hope you’ll love Emma Mills’ books, I’ve read all of her books but this one, and I adored them all so far 🙂
    happy reading 🙂


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