Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Covers of 2019! // the aesthetic is real

Hi friends! Today, Shanah (the host of Top 5 Tuesday if you didn’t know!) has tasked us all with naming our top 5 covers of 2019 and my indecisive self is crying. But that’s okay, because I’ve found some GORGEOUS books!

Look me in the eyes*, and tell me this isn’t one of the most beautiful covers you’ve ever seen. I talk about this art incessantly but the crane! The flowers! The general aesthetic of it all! MY EYES HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE.

*okay so maybe most of you can’t actually look me in the eyes but i will find you and suffocate you (with hugs because i’m not that violent) if you say the wrong thing.

Listen up, contemporaries are slowly taking over the blog (and even more surprisingly I’m not complaining) and With The Fire On High is heading the battle. It’s so beautiful, with a POC on the very front, with fruit everywhere. It’s so very lovely.

This entire series has a ridiculously appealing set of covers. I’ve literally never seen a bad-looking version of this book, or Legendary, or Caraval. The richness of the purple with the golden shiny heart is even prettier in person!

There’s something about a door in a tree that just sparks every childhood memory ever of Narnia and portal fantasies. This is absolutely whimsical and stunning, it strikes me in the heart every single time I look at it!

Speaking of portal fantasies, this one caught my eye after seeing Melanie talk about it! This cover fascinates me because it’s super classy and almost looks like an adult novel? Except it’s actually YA and I can’t wait to see to read it!

And that’s five! There are SO MANY amazing covers I could have put on here, but I’ll definitely include more in my end-of-the-year covers post! 2019 has truly blessed us with gorgeousness. Tell me: what are your favorite covers of 2019?

22 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Covers of 2019! // the aesthetic is real

  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my god! Your list is sooooo aesthetically pleasing, I can’t get over the fact that those covers are TO DIE FOR!!! Every single one is gorgeous – I wish they would create more beautiful covers like these because people would also love the books more easily if the covers are gorgeous!!!

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      1. Thanks. I actually plan on reading that book as soon as Im done my current read, Kingdom of Souls. Happy Reading to you as well ☺

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  2. SO MANY GORGEOUS BOOKS *heart eyes* I love a pretty cover!! Descendant of the Crane is beautiful and I love how it shows the culture in the cover. I think it is even better in person as well!!
    With The Fire on High is stunning– I love the colours and illustration!!
    I think we have similar taste in book covers because they are all so pretty! One of my favourite covers this year is Sorcery of Thorns!!

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